Sono senza speranza (I am hopeless)

Ciao a tutti,

How long has it been since I have made an effort to get on here…. clearly too long!

We enjoyed a beautiful 6 week stint in Italy over the italian spring/summer ofย maggio/giunio.ย I got to experience my first italian wedding, a trip to the Isle of Capri, I got to see the REAL arche di triomphe (not that pretend one they have in Paris), and I got to spend time with blessed Nonna Rosa! It was absolutely amazing! I cried so much the days before we were leaving, because I didn’t want to go! I will tell you more about the trip in another post (I promise, I won’t leave it forever this time).

On a more exciting note (although a trip to Italy is of course very excited) I brought back a little surprise, I mean the first time we came back to New Zealand I brought a husband home, and now this time, we have brought home a little surprise in my belly ๐Ÿ˜€ We are expecting a little italian! I have 4 more weeks until we can find out if it’s a little bambina or bambino! But I couldn’t be more thrilled! And hey, it means Matteo will have to start talking to bebรจ all the time in italian, so I’m sure to pick up more italian then hey!

Well I will write more again soon!

A dopo



Lilli and Biagio (The italian names of Lady and the tramp) are waiting in anticipation for our little roman!


Visiting Anacapri on the isle of Capri

Non vedo l’ora – I can’t wait!ย 

Ciao a tutti, 

sorry I have been so slack with writing this thing! Ahhhh but it’s less than 2 months until we head back to Italy and bella Roma! Non vedo l’ora! I cannot wait!! And I have to say life in Nuova Zelanda hasn’t been that bad for us! I’ve managed to work off all those pounds/kgs that I put on from all that KFC in London! And then all of nonna‘s pasta when we would go to Roma! Even Matteo is doing really well, he’s at least managing one run a week, and even that small effort is making all the difference! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just hoping when we do go back to Italia we are not going to put all that effort to waste! I’ve told him he has to take me running when we are over there! And I know he’s already been in contact with his old kickboxing gym teacher back in Roma so he can attend there a couple of times! I’m sure I will get the Anna you always say sempre no from nonna when she try’s to feed me the whole contents of food in her casa in one sitting! Ahhhhh

On a more exciting note (well I find it exciting) Zia Paola sent me a copy of nonno Ermanno‘s family tree, and they can trace it all the way back to 1517!! I mean WOW! I will take a picture over the next couple of days to show you! It’s pretty amazing, even just to read the names is so interesting! ๐Ÿ˜„

Allora… Ciao! 

I will write again soon! 


Tanti baci 

Notiziaro 1!

Ciao a tutti!

So I managed to finally write my first newsletter! It’s a bit basic for now, but I guess it’s better now than never! And It’s a start! ๐Ÿ˜€

Click the picture below to check it out if you’re interested! ๐Ÿ™‚




Ciao Ciao

Anna x