13 random facts about me

1. I can sing… like actually truly sing quite well. I studied classical singing for 7 years in New Zealand before leaving the country, I used to get paid to sing for Weddings and funerals, as well as being the main soloist in the Church.

2. I can’t run… no seriously.. it is embarrassing, if I do run it is rather slow and you can hear me coming. I have been described as a baby elephant… or someone with bricks in their shoes.

3. I have been to 10 countries… New Zealand, Australia, Dubai (well it was the airport, but still), England, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Malta (again the airport, but I was there for like 6 hours so it counts) and Vactican State.

4. I love foreign people, growing up I was always friends with the exchange students that came to my town, and always dreamed of having an exotic foreign boyfriend. Now I have a handsome italian! Can’t complain there!

5. I haven’t seen my mum since September 2012.  That is a freaking long time! I am just hoping that the longer I stay over this side of the world, it will mean she will have to come visit me… right???

6. I have a secret fondness for Chicken Salt on my Chips (Fries) unfortunately it’s only a New Zealand/Australian delicacy, so everything thinks I’m so weird when I tell people that KFC over there has fat chips with chicken salt.

7. My favourite tv show is Cougar Town… I cannot get enough of Courtney Cox! Unfortunately Cougar Town as gone downhill in favours and we’re on the last season, so now my favourite tv show is a bit of a tie between a lot of shows! I love Grimm, The Originals, The middle, Big Bang Theory, Mom, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Gotham, Flash, Arrow, as well as Jane the Virgin

8. My favourite books are the Game of Thrones series. They are amazing! I even bought a copy in italian for Matteo to read… unfortunately he’s lazy so it hasn’t left the shelf! I love the tv series as well! Bring on the 6th book and season 4!

9. I have a crazy looking toy I sleep with called TweekaPisolo (It means sleepy in Italian, like from Snow White and the seven dwarfs or biancaneve e i sette nani) I know right, 25 26 and admitting she still sleeps with toys…. but hey! He has giant eyes and looks like he’s on something. And fits perfectly in my arms as I sleep haha… Just the other day Matteo was saying that after a long hard thought he decided it wasn’t weird that I slept with a toy, because it’s really just like sleeping with a pillow in your arms, so I think it’s fine now! haha

10. I can play the guitar. My signature song is Zombie by the Cranberries… I rock that song! I rock it HARD!

11. I have an obsession with making tomato sauce pasta with an overload of parmesan cheese.

12. I didn’t like tomatoes very much before I came to Italy (apart from tomato sauce… would I like fries with my ketchup? yes please), now I can’t get enough of them, tomatoes on everything, in pasta, bruschetta, in a salad. I LOVE pomodori!

13. My name in Japanese looks like a funny version of the word “It”.

enjoying my little coffee with 3 sugars!

enjoying my little coffee with 3 sugars!

2 thoughts on “13 random facts about me

  1. hahaha enjoyed these 10 random facts 😀 Never hear of chicken salt…will have to check it out when I finally make it to New Zealand! It’s DEFINITELY on my list. I live in Germany now, and it’s probably number one on my German husband’s list, so hopefully some day soon!

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    • Definitely worth the visit, am quite looking forward to going home after 3 years overseas. Did surprisingly manage to even find Chicken Salt in this country, but alas not on KFC chips haha. Germany would be an interesting place to live!


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