Amore italiano

Ciao tutti,

Italiano รจ difficile!

Mio italiano รจ male, spero to stop having to use italienglish and only use italian presto!

Io amore la italiano lingua! รˆ molto bellissima! ๐Ÿ˜€

It would also give me a chance to be able to communicate with mio ragazzo la famiglia!

Loro non parlare inglese! :( But it’s probably a buono thing because it gives me an excuse to learn (not that i need an excuse I really want to learn this lingua anyway)

I just wish it wasn’t so difficile! and that I don’t always have to check with google translate because that’s not always a hundred percent.

I follow lots of blogs, I read lots of books, I get to practise little bits at home with mio ragazzo. But then adesso vivo in londra! I spent 7 hours yesterday on duolingo reviewing the previous skills i had learnt because I hadn’t attempted it for a while and needed to refresh myself.

After spending roughly 2 months in Italy in dicembre e gennaio with mio bello italiano la famiglia i feel like i didn’t learn anything. I would remember Ciao bella, come stai? Bene e lei? or Quanto sei bella! And then everything else I have learnt just removes itself from my brain. I can never seem to remember things that I learn. And i always forget to add articles!

But i figure once i get it, i should have it right? Shouldn’t it be like learning anything? I learnt the guitar and 15, and that’s something I will never forget how to do. I remember once i knew what i was doing it just felt natural. I’m really helping italian works the same way!

Would watching movies help? Reading books in italian with an italian english dictionary to help translate improve my reading abilities?

If anyone has any tips that would be buono! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ciao! A presto!


un bacio x