Amore italiano

Ciao tutti,

Italiano è difficile!

Mio italiano è male, spero to stop having to use italienglish and only use italian presto!

Io amore la italiano lingua! È molto bellissima! 😀

It would also give me a chance to be able to communicate with mio ragazzo la famiglia!

Loro non parlare inglese! :( But it’s probably a buono thing because it gives me an excuse to learn (not that i need an excuse I really want to learn this lingua anyway)

I just wish it wasn’t so difficile! and that I don’t always have to check with google translate because that’s not always a hundred percent.

I follow lots of blogs, I read lots of books, I get to practise little bits at home with mio ragazzo. But then adesso vivo in londra! I spent 7 hours yesterday on duolingo reviewing the previous skills i had learnt because I hadn’t attempted it for a while and needed to refresh myself.

After spending roughly 2 months in Italy in dicembre e gennaio with mio bello italiano la famiglia i feel like i didn’t learn anything. I would remember Ciao bella, come stai? Bene e lei? or Quanto sei bella! And then everything else I have learnt just removes itself from my brain. I can never seem to remember things that I learn. And i always forget to add articles!

But i figure once i get it, i should have it right? Shouldn’t it be like learning anything? I learnt the guitar and 15, and that’s something I will never forget how to do. I remember once i knew what i was doing it just felt natural. I’m really helping italian works the same way!

Would watching movies help? Reading books in italian with an italian english dictionary to help translate improve my reading abilities?

If anyone has any tips that would be buono! 😀

Ciao! A presto!


un bacio x



7 thoughts on “Amore italiano

  1. Pecora Nera says:

    Ciao Anna,
    Learning Italian is molto difficile. I have a lovely collection of Italian films, with English subtitles (have a look at the very old film Divorce Italian Style)
    I have tried reading Italian books, with a dictionary in my hand but fell asleep 20 mins into the exercise, a slightly better way is to buy the Italian version of a book you like, read one page in English and then the corresponding page in Italian. Or start from the very beginning, I have some children books, I guess they are aimed at 8 year olds, the language is very simple and repeated, so by the time you finish the book some words are stuck in your head. The downside is it is so uncool to be sat in a cafe’ reading ‘The bear and the little tiger’ drinking a glass of wine. 🙂

    I have decided I am never going to master this language and so I have set out teaching everyone in Italy English, much easier. 🙂


  2. MarkD says:

    thanks for following my blog “Italy For Beginners” even though I don’t update it much these days. Good luck with learning .. work hard at it and you’ll get there!
    PS see my facebook page also:


  3. haha yes, i have been looking at getting some children’s italian books on amazon! Although ragazzo mio has told his mamma to get me something like that for christmas! 🙂 Although I did find a duo language book of alice and wonderland with an excerpt in italian, then the same excerpt in english underneath so that makes it easier. But it’s hard to imagine the story in your head when it comes to reading it in a different language unless you’re really fluent. I had to buy italian novels for my boyfriend because he can’t imagine the scene when reading english. Unfortunately they’re more at a high school level, so i can’t attempt to read them.

    Teaching english to the middle age to younger age group seems to work quite well, when I had christmas dinner in rome last year, my boyfriend thought lamb was lambbbbb pronouncing the “b” very clearly, i was like no lam.. and everyone joined in, its cute when they try although nonni are just to old! So i have to learn to communicate with them, rather than them with me. lol but it’s exciting none the less! 🙂


  4. Cindi says:

    Just found your blog, and “went back in time” to find this post. 🙂 As a native English speaker, I’ve found the local library here in Norway my best friend as far as checking out children’s books to supplement my Norwegian classes. Trying to talk in Norwegian as often as possible with my (English-fluent) Norwegian husband has helped too. Being immersed in the language helps — I hope it’s getting easier for you now!


    • haha thanks Cindi! I do try to speak italian as often as I can when I learn knew things, everyone tells me it will come, slowly slowly slowly. I guess I just get impatient a lot! haha, luckily I can use from london when we go back. 🙂 Or get another children’s book before we leave here tomorrow! 🙂


  5. littleitaliandreams says:

    How long have you been learning for?
    Teen fiction is a great idea, too, if you’re a bit beyond children’s books.
    I also watch/listen to a lot of italian TV shows on RAI. Sometimes it just goes right over my head but sometimes it makes sense. I particularly like Il Commissario Manara ~ for some reason I can understand the actors quite well, and the plots are fairly simple so I don’t struggle too much there either. Also have you tried Yabla? Its quite good because you can choose your level and also choose what you’re interesting in watching, then watch native speakers speak, or you can choose a TV show if you prefer and you can slow it down and repeat phrases again and again till you can make sense of it. You can also put italian subtitles on which helps you to understand what is being spoken. There is a small monthly cost though. il boca al lupo, ragazza!


    • crepi bella!
      Haha I’ve been trying to learn for about 18months, I started just before I moved to this side of the world for about 3 months, just doing lots of free online courses, then started with some other ones, since then, a mango languages course which I won for free which was cool, considering it’s worth around $250 or something! Which I’ve found really good, it does help that I have plenty of Italians to practise on, but I do feel like I’m at a bit of a roadblock, can’t form that sentence properly! lol but I’m sure once I get passed it I’ll be fine! just got to get back into the routine again! I do love those shows on RAI! 🙂


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