Italian Dreams

After staying up well past mezzonotte ieri notte. I had my prima italian dream! That had never occurred to me before, even after spending due mese being immersed in the culture and all things italiano. I think maybe with the staying up so late, and watching half of la tigre e la neve without subtitles, (I love the actor Roberto Benigni, I saw him prima in To Rome with love, he is amazing) the lingua must of been a bit mixed up in my brain. And suddenly I wake up to the realisation that I had just had my first dream in italian, not that I could understand much, with the struggling to always remember what i have learnt (anyone found an easier way?) But i was molto excited at the realisation that my dreams can actually be bilingual. Something that in my 25 anno I had never experienced before. 

I’m just hoping that as I am lentamente building a strong fondazione that it will all make perfetto sense. I just wish it was il più presto possibile!

Ciao per ora!

A presto

Anna x



2 thoughts on “Italian Dreams

  1. Pecora Nera says:

    Amazing isn’t it. This happened to me a couple of months after I moved to Italy. I tried to explain the jumbled dream to friends and explain that in my dream people were talking in Italian. My friends asked “well what were they saying” not a clue, I replied, I don’t understand Italian””

    Which made my dreams even more surreal that they normally are. Good luck learning this crazy language.


  2. It is so weird isn’t it. Even though i’m here in london, i had another italian dream last night, but it was of learning italian and had random short sentences i had learnt, so that was more helpful. I guess when you literally immerse yourself in a culture you definitely feel it everywhere! even in your sub conscience!


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