31 Day Learn Italian Challenge – Giorni 3, 4, 5, e 6

Well I haven’t had much tempo lately to get on wordpress since I lavorato 50 ore questa settimana. Ma ora è la fine settimana I finally have il tempo.

Per giorno 3 of our 31 day challenge, we have been given 8 different tools to help with our italian, things like word reference, forvo, anki, memrise, italki, Ted open translation project, fraze.it, and reading and writing. I have genius instead of anki, because I can use it as an app on my imac, so that is quite handy, although I haven’t actually gotten around to memorising anything from it yet, but when I see good sentences I think I might use, I pop them in for me to review later. 

I tried Memrise for a bit but got frustrated with their pictures, and couldn’t find any I liked, and I was just going through things I already new, maybe I can try it again and see wether its better. I also had about a 5 day italki experience, probably should log back in to see it again and have another go, especially since we will be using that for a lot of the challenges. Although I think I could maybe convince some italian friends “fingers crossed” to do the skyping with me to help. But sure I can try it with a stranger too. 

Since I have been too tired to do anything on the computer because of lavoro I have still made sure I have not let a day slip by where I haven’t done something to progress my italian learning abilities. Earlier on in the week, I read a chapter a day of Le avventure di pinocchio to Matteo so he could listen to my pronunciation, he said he could understand about 50%, although the second day I did it he wasn’t really paying my attention, I managed to put enough expression in my voice, which he said was good, like I was really telling a story, although I didn’t really understand what I was saying, I guess it was all the story telling I used to do when I was younger to children at story time. And I also used my dual language version of Alice in Wonderland, I’ve read about two chapters of that also, so that is with english on one side and italian on the other. I am started to recognise some of the sentences and imagining the scene in my head better in italian, hopefully by the end of the book it will make more sense for me. 

Giorni 4 è Create your own avventura. 

We learn that a lot of the challenge will be based on what works for us, and we need to assess what level we are up too. I personally think I’ve done enough italian work now to be at an intermediate level, I still don’t completely understand a lot, but I am definitely past a beginner level, I could easily walk into a local bar and ask for a coffee no sweat! but i’m sure I will look at both of the challenges for both levels. And I can’t wait to get out of my comfort zone. I mean I think I’m pretty used to not being in a comfort zone, when you leave everything you have ever known of life to start una avventura you learn to just go with it, and not worry to much about comfort zones. So I think I should do alright with that.

Giorni 5 è Parla Parla Parla

I have got back onto italki now, and added some people. Although since I’m not a “premium member” it only let me add too, I guess I’ll try add some more tomorrow instead. And I’m chatting to one guy on it from italy who seems nice. Although I know Matteo would prefer if I only talk to girls, which I am fine with as well. So hopefully one of the girls I added will start chatting with me soon! 😀

Giorni 6 è How to flex i tuoi muscoli in italian

Our challenge for today is to go on to italki and write a notebook entry and write about our favourite childhood memory, then correct someone’s entry in english. So this is what I wrote:

Principessa Anna

Il mio ricordo d’infanzia preferito è di principessa Anna.
Lei era una bella principessa, lei aveva carina ondulati capelli, e tutti la gente amava sua.
Sua regina Mamma era sua migliore amica.
E vissero felici e contenti.

Will be interesting to see the fixed grammar when someone does it. 🙂 

Well someone just did it while I was still typing, so here is the fixed version and their comment.

La Principessa Anna

Il mio ricordo d’infanzia preferito è la principessa Anna. 
Lei era una bella principessa, lei aveva dei bei capelli ondulati, e tutti la gente la amava. 
Sua madre, la regina, era la sua migliore amica. 
E vissero felici e contenti.


Non hai fatto errori di spelling ma la costruzione delle frasi va migliorata.

So now I am all up to date with my days of the challenge. Can’t wait for domani!




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