31 Day italian challenge giorni 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 e 13

Ciao a tutti,

I had literally got to day 13, and somehow lost it all, by accidentally clicking on one of my bookmarks above my tab, so this one won’t be any means be as good as the one I just lost. I swear, doesn’t it automatically save drafts anyway? Ma no! It didn’t! Arrrrrrrh! 

giorno 8 è “How to Create Consistency and Explore Italian”

Per oggi we had to read un articolo from either la repubblica or the blonde salad. I chose the latter, because I find news stories quite boring. I read un articolo on some headphones, i liked the campaign clip that went with it, although it was very random, it was good being in both english and italian, because it helped me recognise new words! 

Giorno 9 è “How to Build Your Vocabulary in Italian through Learning About Things You Like”

So we had to again read another articolo this time I read one from diario di una studentessa matta which was her latest blog post called Addio a Marcella Hazan, seeing the picture of Marcella reminded me of my acquired through Matteo, Nonna, and my own grandmum back in Nuova Zealanda, she just looked molta carina and super adorable! And I now really want to buy her book “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking” of Amazon, maybe I might get it for myself for natale! 

Giorno 10 è “One Method for Training Your Ear in Italian”

Musica Muscia Muscia, something that the itunes on my computer definitely rocks to whenever I press play. I recently downloaded lots of italian pop music, much to Matteo’s dismay, he said he and his friends make fun of people who listen to the music i downloaded, such as Anima libera or Marco Carta. But I like that stuff, its easy to listen too. I am really into Giorgia at the moment, and I really like Simona Molinari, especially because she feat. Peter Cincotti a lot also. I had a little bit of a giggle when Matteo told me that Papa Stefano (Matteo’s dad) had punched Eros Ramazzotti when they were younger, when he saw I had a couple of his tracks on my playlist. I love pop music, its easy to listen too, therefore makes it easier to learn for me to sing along with 😀 I definitely always seem to only have musica italiana in my head lately! I’m always humming along to a track of Elisa or something when I’m walking to the underground! 

Giorno 11 è “How to Have Fun and Enhance Your Pronunciation with Rachel Reardon of Mango Languages”

I listened to the podcast, which was very interesting, then straight afterwards jumped onto the mango languages website and had a go of the free trial. It was a bit disappointing because it was so basic, i already know how to say how are you sir/madam, or good evening and ciao, but then I guess it is for beginners. I did like the little snippets they had about the culture, and the kissing when greeting each other, that was quite cool. I’m sure if i went into the course a bit more it would be good. But then I am a sucker for a good sales person. I though Rosetta stone sounded amazing! But then I haven’t been able to afford to try that one. But I think Mango looks good, because it focuses on allowing people to speak sentences that you will actually use straight away, so it would be good for me to practise at home with Matteo. Can it be purchased and used from the UK? Perchè I tried to find a UK site and it just sent me to the US one. I wish the UK libraries here had a subscription to it, but then I guess that again is only for the US of A! The Mango premier sounds amazing, teaching people through movie watching! AWESOME! But again that is being launched through the libraries. I guess being here in London, I do have italy at my doorstep, so I guess that is one up on the US! 

Giorno 12 è “Knowing the Most Commonly Spoken Words in Italian”

Oggi we were given links to www.surfacelanguages.com which jumped onto a website with the 500 most common italian words! Ieri I actually went through the lists from the links on the blog post at work, as it was nearly home time, and I was sitting at the reception desk waiting for a parent to ring the door buzzer, so i could let them in to pick up their child from after school care aka Night Owls, so i just sat at the desk, reading the words out loud. I think everyone at work knows that I am learning italian. To certain co workers, I tend to speak italian, then translate to them right after what I am saying. They’re slowly getting used to it! I went through some of the lists again tonight. I might go through them again tomorrow, and put some useful words in my genius app to review later!

And finally….

Giorno 13 è “All the Sounds You Might’ve Missed in Italian Pronunciation”

Oggi we watch a video on our to pronounce the vowel sounds, since there are only 7 vowel sounds to pronounce, and provided we have perfected those sounds, even if we mis pronounce the consonant, an italian should still be able to understand what we have said, as long as our vowel sound is correct. And there was a 15 minute video. 

There were two videos, but I think I will watch the second one tomorrow, as I have already spent about 90minutes reviewing and catching up with everything.

Although I do not agree with the way Cher has written how to pronounce the “E” sound, especially after watching the blog, then double checking with Matteo, she is making it look like it is a harsh “AY” sound, where as it should actually be a soft “EH” sound. I did comment on the post regarding that. 

I did really like the videos of that guy, he definitely keeps you engaged. and am definitely going to use “Uffa!” a lot in every day life! I think I will check him out a bit more! 

Well now it is time for me to go to bed as it is well after midnight, and I do have to get up early-ish tomorrow! 

Ciao ciao


Anna x



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