La febbre!

Ciao a tutti,

Unfortunately I have been battling that dreaded la febbre all this week, coughs, slight temps, blocked noses, and un milione tissues, is why I have been rather absent this settimana. Luckily, even though I have been battling this febbre, while still doing long hours in reception at la scoula primaria I am currently working at, I am finally relieved to get to la fine settimana! E oggi è la prima giorno I am starting to finally feel better! 

So even though my italiano has been a bit on the back burner because of la febbre I have been supplementing it by reading the book “When in Rome, chasing la dolce vita” by Penelope Green, which is about an australian girl who at 28, chucks in her high paying job and fast paced life, to go live the dream in italy. When she knows nothing of the language, even after doing a 3 month stint in Perugia to learn the language. It’s the 3rd time I have read the book, and she’s written 2 others, that follow the first, but instead of being in Rome, she is then in Napoli and Procida. It is an amazing trilogy, which has little snippets of italian all through out the books, and even the last one has some recipes! So that is great! But that is my supplementing my italian practise whilst I’ve been sick. But now i should be back on the band wagon, and getting back into learning this bella lingua!


A presto!



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