Stardust – Mika Ft. Chiara

This is currently No.1 in italy on the iTunes chart. I think maybe because Mika is currently an Xfactor italia judge or something. But I think this is beautiful, a nice mix of english and italian. If I start writing my songs again, I might have to mix it up with a bit of bi-language! hehe!

31 day italian challenge giorni 19 – 31

Ciao a tutti!

Per oggi, I will try catch up to the rest of these daily challenges, I may do 1, 2 skip a few, perchè I did do them, but trying to write them all down takes a long time, and I want to start using this for more other ways of my learning journey.

For day 19 of the 31 day challenge, we listened to a podcast with dianne hales. Who wrote the book la bella lingua, it was really interested about her language journey, I really want to read her book now, it is in my amazon wish list, so I will book it on my long book list. (Sono busy lettura the game of thrones series primo!)

For day 24 we got to watch some episodes of italian soap opera, un posto al sole. even though it’s in a foreign language, it’s really like any other soap opera, no matter how much you’ve missed you can always pick up the general story. I remember when I was in italy, there was always a soap opera on around dinner time in rome. I got quite mesmerised with watching it, but can’t for the life of me remember what it was called now, it was on a sky channel. But it looked amazing. Hopefully I will come across it again in febbraio!

On giorno 25 we learn 33 things we can do to learn italian in 15 minutes. Cher came up with some very good ideas, like reading italian articles, listening to italian songs, to going on italki, or checking out duolingo. So there are definitely some good ideas to use there!

On day 26 we get to enhance our vocabulary with and add some words to our already expanding vocabulary. I think they’re not bad to learn, but still when I sometimes struggle to put together a sentence at times (although I am getting much much better because I have been doing something new, which I might explain next time)  it makes it hard just learning random words. I mean I get a word a day from for italian to my email inbox everyday, and it comes at random all the time, it doesn’t build up or anything, so learning random languages in no particular order I don’t find very useful!

For day 27 we learned some different proverbs and idioms. I actually stumbled across some myself recently. My favourite one at the moment is Volere è potere – where there’s a will there’s a way. That’s really what I feel about my italian journey. No matter how frustrated it gets, and how much I feel that nothing is sticking in my brain, i just have to think volere è potere one day I will get there, one day it will all make sense. One day. I’ve got the will, now the way will come!

And for day 31 it was to re-evaluate our goals.

My big goals for italian were to improve pronunciation and understand italian better. Which they have definitely improved both greatly! I can now read most of what my italian friend’s post as statuses on Facebook, where before I could make understand one or  two words out of ten, now I can understand about 7 or 8 words out of 10, so I can work out nearly the only sentence! And just today I read a message that Matteo had got on his phone, and he understood everything I said, where as previously he’s only understood about 50% of what I’ve said! So they both improved!

My micro goals were to read a children’s book and understand the context. Well i did buy pinocchio, but I found it very hard to understand, I think it was more for a 10 year old, rather than my like 5 year old version of understanding of italian! But It was a small chapter book, rather than a picture book, when I go to italy I think I will be stocking up on children’s picture books! heehee! And my other micro goal was to pronunciate with more ease, and I am definitely feeling more comfortable with my pronunciating. So all in all I really had a good outcome out of this 31 day challenge!

And hey I won a prize! A mango languages journey 1 passport! and i’ve got to say, the outcomes have been amazing! Thank you Cher!

Ciao belli! 

A dopo!

Anna x



mio primo taste of gelato italiano! Flash back to roma in gennaio 2013! Photo credit: Matteo

31 day italian challenge giorni 17

Ciao a tutti,

I have been so behind with writing this, but it is nice to re go through all the challenge days as a refresher again, and write them down in here. On giorno diciassette, the challenge was “How To Hide Pieces of Italian in Your Every Day Life”. I really liked this one, because I do try to hide bits of italiano in my every day life, when I think now, I try to think what it would be in italiano, but then when I can’t think of the parola or don’t know it even though I should, it is very frustrating!!

 Il primo modo è quello di hide bits of italiano is to change your cellfone to italian. Allora sono currently one of these strange people that don’t actually own a cellfone at the moment, after an angry outburst where my bella iphone 5 met the floor and smashed to pieces. And I’m saving for a new flat before I get a new phone. So when I do use a phone, which would be Matteo’s, it’s already in italian! lucky me! I only use it to by “the simpsons tapped out” but it does frustrate me a bit when the little characters have conversations, and I can only work out like every 5th parola

Il secondo modo è quello di  follow some italian boards on Pinterest, I don’t use Pinterest that often, but I do follow a few italian Pinterest boards on there. So i’ve got that one to a tee.

Il terzo modo è quello di Like italian fan pages on facebook, I have plenty of those, that’s for sure, between cher hale the iceberg project, Lucrezia’s teaching italian, Giorgia, random teaching me italian pages. And even the italian friends I have on facebook, I love attempting to read the italian things that come on my newsfeed.

The forth modo è quello di Make the homepage of your web browser an italian website, well I haven’t done that yet, because my homepage is still the applestore on my mac, maybe I’ll change it to google it or something heeeheee

The fifth modo è quello di Change the background on your computer to an italian quote or phrase, I haven’t done this one yet either, because my background page is never usually open, at the moment my so called background page is my italian mango languages course! So I guess I am sort of doing this one!

The six modo è quello di Make the background of your phone an italian quote or phrase, well since I don’t have a phone, can’t really do this one, but when I replace it in the new year I definitely will!

The seventh modo è quello di Change your language on facebook to italian, Well I could do this one when I get home (I’m currently sitting at work, in a tiny little office that I have to sit in during winter to let people through a different door to get into the school) I once changed my language on facebook to pirate english, so i’m sure changing it to italian won’t be that bad!

The eighth modo è quello di Play italian songs on youtube while you browse the web, well when I look up italian songs on youtube I want to look at the video that goes with it, so that doesn’t always work, but I have quite a few songs on my itunes in italian, so between giorgia and elisa, I have plenty to listen to while I browse the web.

The ninth modo è quello di Follow native italian speakers and italian teachers on twitter, I don’t use twitter very often, maybe I should get back into it, I think my only italian twitter person is Papa Francesco. I should get back on there and follow up some more persone.

The tenth modo è quello di Change your alarm to an italian song, I guess I could do this, but I just have some silly alarm I downloaded on my mac from the app store, I’m not sure if I can change it. 

The eleventh modo è quello di Set a calendar appointment on your phone with an italian phrase, again I can’t do this one because I don’t have a working phone 😦

The twelfth modo è quello di Choose an italian podcast to listen to while you’re in the car, taking a jog or making dinner, I could definitely do the latter. 

Allora..Ho intenzione di leggere il libro Game of throne libro 3 in questo momento, while it’s still quite at work and I love it. I do actually have the first book of the series in italian, although I can barely understand some of the wording it english, I’m sure I would struggle so bad in italian!

Well have a great day/night/morning/evening!

Ciao, A presto





31 day italian challenge giorno sedici

Per la 31 day italian challenge giorno seidci, we listening to one of Cher’s wonderful podcasts, and learnt 11 ways to use the italian verb fare in conversation.

We learnt:

Andare a fare una passeggiata  – Go for a walk

I think I would quite happily use Faccio a fare una passegiata when we go back in febbraio, considering how much la famiglia feeds you in italy, i will be in dire need of a passeggiata to burn it all off!

Avere molte cose da fare – Have a lot of things to do

I think even this one would be good to use as faccio molte cose da fare, considering I have already decided on a list of things I want to do next time I go to italy.

Avere altro da fare – Have other things to do

I’m sure I’ll probably here Matteo using this sometime during our trip as facciamo altro da fare! 

C’è poco da fare – There isn’t much one can do.

Oh i pray for the day when I can pull this one out of my pocket!

Fare figura di merda – Look like a complete fool

I know the translation of this one has probably been toned down as I already know the translation of merda heehee, but I will love it if I notice someone saying it, or if I do something to make a fool of myself and say faccio figure di merda to everyone’s delight. I’m sure I could even make THAT sound cute, because whenever I try speaking italian I always get che carina! 

Fare amicizie – Make friends

Fare attenzione – To pay attention/watch out/be careful

I am definitely one for not paying attention to where I was going, a biker just yesterday had to yell at me, because I didn’t notice him! So in italy when some yells fai attenzione I’ll understand what they’re saying!

Fare bella figura – To make a good impression

Fare brutta figura – To make a bad impression

Fare conversazione – To make conversation

Fare del mio meglio  – To do my best

Our task after completing the challenge was to change the verb fare to say “I’m doing my best” and if we wanted to say “you’re doing your best” it would be fai del mio meglio so i worked out that to say i’m doing my best would be faccio del mio meglio!

I’m kind of enjoying re going through these again, and putting them on here, it makes me feel sad not getting my daily dose of italian through email, other than my silly word of the days from that are really quite useless because they’re at random. But i guess it builds up my vocabulary randomly! But i’m glad to make time to go through it again and finish it off on here!

I will try get on here again tomorrow to do another giorno!

Ciao belli!

A presto



Flash back of Roma at the bioparco di roma! Photo credit: Matteo! It was awesome, and I have australia zoo to compare too! at for the natale price of 8 euros, it was amazing! I really want to go there again!

31 day italian challenge giorno quindici

per giorno quindici of the italian challenge is “How to make your pronunciation as smooth as honey” So our job was to slow down a song track and make the emphasis sounds over words. So i did two of Giorgia’s canzoni! Amo lei musica!
Here is the latest from this great singer!

Mi dispiace a tutti

Ciao a tutti,

Io ho been pretty slack at getting on here recently. I really need to set aside time to keep this up. Isn’t that how everything goes though, when you first start something, you get so involved, and so excited about it, but then vita gets in the way and it gets shoved to the back of the list of things to do for the day.

I have been keeping up with the lovely 31 days challenge, that Cher has put together, it is now at the end, I should have some time this weekend though, to catch up on here about it! And hey guess what? Ho Vinto! Well there were 4 winners, and I was one of them, and we got a choice of first in first served for what prize we wanted, there was a 1 year subscription to italian pod 101, or a mango languages passport journey 1, or the book la bella lingua by Dianne Hales or a surprise italian inspired mystery box, so i managed to get in there quickly and chose the Mango languages course, Granted it is a beginners course, and I will probably know quite a bit, but then I think it might be a good refresher and help me to formulate some sentences better. And at least I have mio bello ragazzo to practise on! I’m sure he will get sick of it soon enough! haha

I need to knuckle and get my head in the game when it comes to this bella lingua, perché venerdì scorso I bought biglietti aerei a roma! Io sono molto eccitato! I am now very much looking forward to febbraio adesso! And I get to spend valentines day there too!

It’s quite funny for me when I hang out with Matteo’s amici who all seem to be italians. They try to speak english for my benefit, although always slip back into italian out of habit, but I can pick up little bits of what they say most of the time. But one of his friend’s said to me, that even though they are all from italy, he struggles to understand them even if they’re speaking italian, because bits of the regional dialects slip through. Even the man who runs the italian deli across the road from my flat, said that the italian language is a struggle for italians, because of the dialects. That makes me worry sometimes, how will I ever be able to understand italian properly, if italians can’t even understand each other?!

Well I better get back to lavorano ora. Io lavoro in una scuola presso la reception! Luckily it’s half term at the moment, so it’s very quiet. But back to normal next week!

Ciao amici!

Scriverò presto


Anna x