Mi dispiace a tutti

Ciao a tutti,

Io ho been pretty slack at getting on here recently. I really need to set aside time to keep this up. Isn’t that how everything goes though, when you first start something, you get so involved, and so excited about it, but then vita gets in the way and it gets shoved to the back of the list of things to do for the day.

I have been keeping up with the lovely 31 days challenge, that Cher has put together, it is now at the end, I should have some time this weekend though, to catch up on here about it! And hey guess what? Ho Vinto! Well there were 4 winners, and I was one of them, and we got a choice of first in first served for what prize we wanted, there was a 1 year subscription to italian pod 101, or a mango languages passport journey 1, or the book la bella lingua by Dianne Hales or a surprise italian inspired mystery box, so i managed to get in there quickly and chose the Mango languages course, Granted it is a beginners course, and I will probably know quite a bit, but then I think it might be a good refresher and help me to formulate some sentences better. And at least I have mio bello ragazzo to practise on! I’m sure he will get sick of it soon enough! haha

I need to knuckle and get my head in the game when it comes to this bella lingua, perché venerdì scorso I bought biglietti aerei a roma! Io sono molto eccitato! I am now very much looking forward to febbraio adesso! And I get to spend valentines day there too!

It’s quite funny for me when I hang out with Matteo’s amici who all seem to be italians. They try to speak english for my benefit, although always slip back into italian out of habit, but I can pick up little bits of what they say most of the time. But one of his friend’s said to me, that even though they are all from italy, he struggles to understand them even if they’re speaking italian, because bits of the regional dialects slip through. Even the man who runs the italian deli across the road from my flat, said that the italian language is a struggle for italians, because of the dialects. That makes me worry sometimes, how will I ever be able to understand italian properly, if italians can’t even understand each other?!

Well I better get back to lavorano ora. Io lavoro in una scuola presso la reception! Luckily it’s half term at the moment, so it’s very quiet. But back to normal next week!

Ciao amici!

Scriverò presto


Anna x



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