31 day italian challenge giorno sedici

Per la 31 day italian challenge giorno seidci, we listening to one of Cher’s wonderful podcasts, and learnt 11 ways to use the italian verb fare in conversation.

We learnt:

Andare a fare una passeggiata  – Go for a walk

I think I would quite happily use Faccio a fare una passegiata when we go back in febbraio, considering how much la famiglia feeds you in italy, i will be in dire need of a passeggiata to burn it all off!

Avere molte cose da fare – Have a lot of things to do

I think even this one would be good to use as faccio molte cose da fare, considering I have already decided on a list of things I want to do next time I go to italy.

Avere altro da fare – Have other things to do

I’m sure I’ll probably here Matteo using this sometime during our trip as facciamo altro da fare! 

C’è poco da fare – There isn’t much one can do.

Oh i pray for the day when I can pull this one out of my pocket!

Fare figura di merda – Look like a complete fool

I know the translation of this one has probably been toned down as I already know the translation of merda heehee, but I will love it if I notice someone saying it, or if I do something to make a fool of myself and say faccio figure di merda to everyone’s delight. I’m sure I could even make THAT sound cute, because whenever I try speaking italian I always get che carina! 

Fare amicizie – Make friends

Fare attenzione – To pay attention/watch out/be careful

I am definitely one for not paying attention to where I was going, a biker just yesterday had to yell at me, because I didn’t notice him! So in italy when some yells fai attenzione I’ll understand what they’re saying!

Fare bella figura – To make a good impression

Fare brutta figura – To make a bad impression

Fare conversazione – To make conversation

Fare del mio meglio  – To do my best

Our task after completing the challenge was to change the verb fare to say “I’m doing my best” and if we wanted to say “you’re doing your best” it would be fai del mio meglio so i worked out that to say i’m doing my best would be faccio del mio meglio!

I’m kind of enjoying re going through these again, and putting them on here, it makes me feel sad not getting my daily dose of italian through email, other than my silly word of the days from about.com that are really quite useless because they’re at random. But i guess it builds up my vocabulary randomly! But i’m glad to make time to go through it again and finish it off on here!

I will try get on here again tomorrow to do another giorno!

Ciao belli!

A presto



Flash back of Roma at the bioparco di roma! Photo credit: Matteo! It was awesome, and I have australia zoo to compare too! at for the natale price of 8 euros, it was amazing! I really want to go there again!


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