31 day italian challenge giorni 17

Ciao a tutti,

I have been so behind with writing this, but it is nice to re go through all the challenge days as a refresher again, and write them down in here. On giorno diciassette, the challenge was “How To Hide Pieces of Italian in Your Every Day Life”. I really liked this one, because I do try to hide bits of italiano in my every day life, when I think now, I try to think what it would be in italiano, but then when I can’t think of the parola or don’t know it even though I should, it is very frustrating!!

 Il primo modo è quello di hide bits of italiano is to change your cellfone to italian. Allora sono currently one of these strange people that don’t actually own a cellfone at the moment, after an angry outburst where my bella iphone 5 met the floor and smashed to pieces. And I’m saving for a new flat before I get a new phone. So when I do use a phone, which would be Matteo’s, it’s already in italian! lucky me! I only use it to by “the simpsons tapped out” but it does frustrate me a bit when the little characters have conversations, and I can only work out like every 5th parola

Il secondo modo è quello di  follow some italian boards on Pinterest, I don’t use Pinterest that often, but I do follow a few italian Pinterest boards on there. So i’ve got that one to a tee.

Il terzo modo è quello di Like italian fan pages on facebook, I have plenty of those, that’s for sure, between cher hale the iceberg project, Lucrezia’s teaching italian, Giorgia, random teaching me italian pages. And even the italian friends I have on facebook, I love attempting to read the italian things that come on my newsfeed.

The forth modo è quello di Make the homepage of your web browser an italian website, well I haven’t done that yet, because my homepage is still the applestore on my mac, maybe I’ll change it to google it or something heeeheee

The fifth modo è quello di Change the background on your computer to an italian quote or phrase, I haven’t done this one yet either, because my background page is never usually open, at the moment my so called background page is my italian mango languages course! So I guess I am sort of doing this one!

The six modo è quello di Make the background of your phone an italian quote or phrase, well since I don’t have a phone, can’t really do this one, but when I replace it in the new year I definitely will!

The seventh modo è quello di Change your language on facebook to italian, Well I could do this one when I get home (I’m currently sitting at work, in a tiny little office that I have to sit in during winter to let people through a different door to get into the school) I once changed my language on facebook to pirate english, so i’m sure changing it to italian won’t be that bad!

The eighth modo è quello di Play italian songs on youtube while you browse the web, well when I look up italian songs on youtube I want to look at the video that goes with it, so that doesn’t always work, but I have quite a few songs on my itunes in italian, so between giorgia and elisa, I have plenty to listen to while I browse the web.

The ninth modo è quello di Follow native italian speakers and italian teachers on twitter, I don’t use twitter very often, maybe I should get back into it, I think my only italian twitter person is Papa Francesco. I should get back on there and follow up some more persone.

The tenth modo è quello di Change your alarm to an italian song, I guess I could do this, but I just have some silly alarm I downloaded on my mac from the app store, I’m not sure if I can change it. 

The eleventh modo è quello di Set a calendar appointment on your phone with an italian phrase, again I can’t do this one because I don’t have a working phone 😦

The twelfth modo è quello di Choose an italian podcast to listen to while you’re in the car, taking a jog or making dinner, I could definitely do the latter. 

Allora..Ho intenzione di leggere il libro Game of throne libro 3 in questo momento, while it’s still quite at work and I love it. I do actually have the first book of the series in italian, although I can barely understand some of the wording it english, I’m sure I would struggle so bad in italian!

Well have a great day/night/morning/evening!

Ciao, A presto






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