Ciao a tutti!

Ciao a tutti! 

Mi dispiace quello I have not been on here for a while. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing il mio italiano! I have had some amazing benedizioni on that part. 

Tempo tempo tempo, what we all never have enough off, and as we get closer to Natale, it feels as though we have even less. I was feeling a bit down on my italian for a little bit, and I was re going through that mango languages passport journey won that ho vinto from doing the 31 day italian challenge with I really am finding it very amazing. I think I could work in un ristorante in italy now! haha! But i was going through it again for like the 3rd time, and it is sticking in my brain, but doing the same thing over and over again just gets a bit disheartening. As I’m sure a few of you would know that feeling. But then out of the blue, I got another email from Cher, after she had sent an email to her contacts at Mango Languages after I told her how amazing I was finding it, and they gave me a promo code for Journeys 2 and 3! That totally uplifted my spirits to continue on down this amazing yet frustrating path that comes with learning a new language. I have only just started the journey 2, and it is getting harder, but rather than all the other online courses that I’d done, that got you to translate italian to english far more often, this makes you translate english to italian, and it has little grammar notes or cultural notes all throughout the lessons. It makes you understand why everything is said or why they do things the way that do, and it just makes it so much more amazing. I think that when I do go back to italia in febbraio I will be able to somewhat piano actually communicate. I’m sure it will be a lot of puoi ripetere più lentamente per favore which is what of the sentences I learnt from the course. But now I can also say come si dici questa parola in italiano? or Cosa significa? It’s even coming handy now when I try to practise what I have learnt on Matteo. He seems pleasantly surprised at how far I am getting, and it has now la mia pronuncia è abbastanza buona! And Matteo can actually understand 80% of what I’m saying, rather than the 40% it was about un mese ago.

I will now try make more of an effort to at least post on blog a week. I at least finisce lavorano in 2 weeks so I will have a bit more time! Am really looking forward to a mixture of an italian/english Natale this year! 

Ciao i miei amici

Anna x



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