Ciao a tutti

Ciao a tutti,

Allora il mio italiano è coming along quite well as it happens! Sono trying to use it quite often now around Matteo, e con il mango languages course it is coming along abbastanza buona. My vocabulary is definitely improving. The only problems I tend to come up with is that boy does it give me a mouth workout when it comes to saying le parole out loud! Penso in inglese we are quite lazy, with the way we say out vowels, there is about 20-30 different ways to say all of the vowels, where as in italian there is only 7 ways to say them. So when it comes to saying ee, and eh, and ah, and ooh and oh all the time, after a while it just feels like my mouth and lips are hurting because I’m not used to having it in those positions for such a long time!

Penso when I meet italians, or recognise other italians around, I always end up getting to shy to try speaking it in front of them, i’m always worried of looking like an idiota! Lo odio! Ahhhhhhh!!! I wish that I could get past the shyness of failure, and just go for it! Although I think every time Parlo con Matteo he gets pleasantly surprised with how much I now seem to know! And it makes him very happy with how much I now actually know. Hopefully soon I will get over this, i’m sure everyone much experience it at some stage giusto? I mean I’m going to italy soon so I actually HAVE to get over it! Because otherwise I can’t communicate with anyone! 

Allora it is coming up to Natale again, this time I will be having an Natale inglese con italiano elements! I have created il menu con un antipasti, un primo, un secondo e un dolce. With a real italian antipasti for the starter, pizza for the 1st course, and an english roast dinner for our secondo, con pollo, roast pumpkin, sweet potato (I call it kumara), potatoes and cauliflower and broccoli with salsa di formaggio! Then mini pavlovas for dessert with brandy snaps and pannatone! Sounds buono no? 

Well this is where I’m at so far with mio italiano! 🙂

Ciao amici 


Un abbraccio



Photo credit: Me – Matteo by the Spanish Steps, Mid Dec 2012 🙂



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