Quanto tempo a tutti!

Ciao a tutti,

Don’t you just hate it when you come so far in una lingua and life gets in the way? That’s what it’s been feeling like for me these past few weeks. I had 1 and a weeks off from work and barely even looked at my mango languages italian course. I did read the daily italian flash-cards I get in my email box every day, as well as the useless word of the day that makes practically know sense because it’s not in any order. But other than that, questa bella lingua has been put on the back burner. Then I came to a realisation, I’m going to italy in 1 month…. I’M GOING TO ITALY IN ONE MONTH! Cazzo! I need to learn this language quick, because I do NOT want what happened last time, where I just used to sit at the table with all the conversations just going over my head! I want to be able to JOIN IN! Even if it’s a little bit, or actually work out what people are talking about.

So I have decided to start my Mango Languages course again from the start, I have 30 chapters to get through and 247 lessons! So in 30 odd days, I need to do 2 whole chapters a day, so intensive italian here you come! I’m just open it will all sink in. It’s fine when the chapters only have 4-6 lessons in them, but when they have more like 7-12 lessons in them it’s very time consuming. But well, it has to be done. Maybe I’ll learn it all, and then just drink a lot of alcohol when I arrive in italy and hope the subconscious mind comes through. That could work right?

I wish I was in italy right now, getting ready for the vigil of La Befana! Il mio bello ragazza bought me un libro all about befana for Natale. When I have children I will definitely be keeping THAT italian tradition alive. When I said to Matteo that I wanted Christmas Stockings to fill up for Christmas, I remember him looking at me rather confused. Perchè in italia they used stockings for La befana not for natale. As we were both here in londra per natale I wanted to have a combination of an italian/english christmas, but with lots of presents, as in an english country you need to have. For Matteo, in italy, they aren’t so big on the presents, sure as a child it’s different, you get a bit more, but as an adult you normally only get one or two presents, and that is it. But boy was he surprised when Christmas came and I had filled up the two kiwi christmas sacks my mum had sent me, both of our stockings, as well as an overflow of more presents for him. I think next year Christmas will be even better, and HOPEFULLY next christmas we might have lui la famiglia with us, which would be AMAZING!

Allora speri i tutto aveva un buon natale e un felici anno nuovo! 

Buona befana! 🙂

Ciao Ciao

Anna x



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