L’italia non è distante

Ciao a tutti

Non è distante adesso! Not long until I get there, will need to start packing soon, changing pounds into euros, and making a plan. 

Mia bella roma, la mia seconda a casa! Bring on the italian. I’m not ready, but what better way that to go headfirst. Every corrected mistake can only make me better right? 

Even blogging for me is relatively like a new language… i didn’t even realise there was a difference between a “Page” and a “Post” until today, but it was nice writing a page of the reasons behind learning for me. You can check it out here —> Chi sono io? It’s all a new experience.

But then I guess we have new experiences everyday.

When I’m learning italian, and end up spending a whole day studying, I feel like my head is about to explode, it is so painful, but then the bella Cher Hale told me “First, know that the discomfort is a good sign to an extent. Your brain is busy forming new neural connections.” 

Sometimes I think my brain is overloading. But then I read somewhere, that adults that are still learning are less likely to get Alzheimer’s when they’re older. So I think learning is a good thing. And then travelling to far of places is just a whole other learning experience, even if luckily for me this time it is just a 2 1/2 flight to get to italy, rather than a 28hour flight like flying from New Zealand to London, it will still be just as new as it was the first time I went there, over a year ago now.

As I was writing my “Who am I” page, it was so nice relishing in the memories of those 2 months. It will be just as nice going there for two weeks, unless all that roman flooding is still happening. Hopefully not, I think the weather is meant to improve over there by at least thursday next week! 

We have some exciting places to explore this time in italy. I will get to see Anzio and Cassino, thanks to Papa Stefano (Matteo’s papa), we are going to try to explore pompeii, assisi and go back to firenze and hopefully pisa. I want that cheesy touristy photo of me pushing the leaning tower of pisa! haha! 

I cannot wait! It can’t come soon enough, two more days of work, that 14 days of heaving living la dolce vita in italia!

Ciao a tutti!



What I thought was my last day back in italy last time, ended up having 10 extra days! woo hoo! Photo Credit: Me


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