Neozelandesi vivono sotto una roccia

Ciao a tutti,

As my title describes, i came to the conclusion just yesterday that Neozelandesi vivono sotto una roccia… I was busy doing my mango languages course chapter for the day and came across a chapter on la guerra (the war), and it suddenly was teaching me how to say Mussolini diventò alleato di Hitler o Mussolini si unì con Hitler. I was surprised, how did I not know this information? I guess ignorance is bliss right? Luckily Mussolini ended up dying, and Italy got out of the war in the end, but still that is CRAZY! Ahhh!


Photo Credit: Google images

It gives me so much more of a desire to explore places such as Anzio and Cassino. Matteo was telling me that you can still see the bullet holes from WWII at Anzio. That is amazing! And it gives me a desire to ask Nonna what it was like (if I can manage to form a comprehensible sentence of course) growing up in the War times. Matteo told me one of her stories, that she was in a field by herself walking one day, and 100metres in front of her there was a man on a horse, then all of a sudden two planes came over the hill and started firing at the man on the horse. Nonna had to lie down to not get hit. How frightening would that be? I think the anziano (elderly) have so much to offer the giovani (young). We will never truly understand what it would of been like for them in those days. Because we all have it so easy compared to the “olden days” 

For Nonna’s belated natale present, I bought her un libro bellissimo that will allow her to write all her memorable stories, from a company called “From You to Me”, I thought it was so awesome that they could personalise the books, even though they couldn’t quite fully personalise the italian version like they could the english, they did their best, personalised the title, the little front cover photos and everything. I really hope she likes it! 


Well only 2 1/2 more days until Italia! 

Super excited!

Scrivere presto


Anna x


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