la dolce vita a roma PT II – ricordi di febbraio 2013

Ciao a tutti,

Another reminiscence of italia, to get me in the mood for tomorrow. I can’t believe it is finally here, one more day of work, then off to live la dolce vita a roma once again. Am just hoping all the flooding in roma has stopped as I heard it was rather bad last week, the tevere was about to overflow from what I last heard! But at least the weather is looking more hopeful, around 15 degrees on thursday and 16 on friday, so can’t complain to much! As long as la sole is out right?

Well back to the memories…..


I had a free day to myself when Matteo had to work, so i made my way to Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano, it is amazing that they Wall off the whole Vatican State, but i guess its a good way to tell the world that it is its own country.

ImageIts quite amazing to think that within italy there are 3 different countries. You have italy itself, the vatican state and San Marino!

I made my way to Stato della Città del Vaticano, and was bombarded with people all trying to get me to go on their tours. “skip the line, skip the line” they said, i don’t mind waiting in the line. So i managed to escape the tour guides just fine, and made my way to the line, and within ten minutes i had made it through the security check. The main thing i wanted to see in San Pietro, was the Pietà. I had seen photos of it online, it is just so beautiful. And when i made it within the church i was awe struck!


I have seen other versions of the Pietà, but Michelangelo’s version is by far the prettiest. I think because of Mary’s youthful appearance. But then this was done on purpose for two reasons: The first is that God is the source of all beauty and she is one of the closest to God, and the second is that the exterior is thought as the revelation of the interior (the virgin is morally beautiful). So sighting the Pietà for myself, was just amazing.

And then the roof within the church was AMAZING as well. So tall. My neck started hurting after a while from looking up so much.


I did enjoy San Pietro, but i guess for me, i just found it a bit much, with all the statues that were within the church. It looked like its a bit of a place to show off wealth. Maybe because Pope Leo X sold indulgences to actually fund the construction of the church. Which caused a few people to leave church understandably. But Pope Leo X being part of the wealthiest family in Italy the Medici family, it is no surprise that he got elected because his family had money. Considering they started the bank system. And somehow wealth can interpret divine intervention for elected the pope, well it could back in the 1500s anyway. Maybe because of that i prefer San Giovanni to San Pietro.

The next day i decided to go and visit Musei Vaticani. I was on my way to get there, i was getting a little bit lost, and a lady asked me if i wanted to do a tour, so i thought, why not? So i quickly followed the lady to pay my €35 to get on the tour, and made my way to the museums. My tour guide was very good. And it was so amazing walking through all of the different rooms, to see the life of each different Pope was truely amazing. There were rooms that had maps of the world before the proper geographic topographical maps were around. They had paintings on the roofs that looked like 3D Sculptures, Tapestries that look like paintings, paintings, stain glass windows. It was just amazing!




Then we made our way outside to the area where they can explain to you about the Sistine Chapel paintings, as you aren’t allowed to talk within the chapel, and you’re not allowed to take photos within the chapel either, as the Japanese paid 20 million dollars for the copyright privileges until 2030! It was very interesting learning about the actual paintings. In those days Firenze was the place to get all your artists from. So the Catholic church asked the most powerful family in italy at the time, the Medici family, for their best artists. And at that time Firenze was not a religious place, it was where the free thinkers were, the people that were accepting of anything. So the Medici family sent their artists, Michelangelo being one of them, and told them to paint what the Pope wanted, but to make sure there was a part of the Florence way of life within the paintings, so if you look carefully you can see the characters in the paintings in the florentine apparel of that time, with their florentine hats, and they are always turning away from Christ, because they don’t care for Christ at all.


Then 25 years later Michelangelo was once again employed to paint the back wall, the well known image “the last judgement” one that was considered rather controversial in those days, even heretic. Because it had every type of person given the opportunity to be classed as “in heaven” homosexuals, muslims, christians, all the like, because no one can determine who goes to even except for God. And i personally think that there is much truth in that painting, because it is true, if heaven is real, if there is an after life, no one can determine who will be there apart from a higher being. And i think it is a very good portrayal of todays society, even though it was in fact painted between 1536 and 1541!


So i very much enjoyed my time in the museums! I learnt so much that i never knew before doing the Tour. Definitely worth doing it with a very knowledgable tour guide.

Then to top of my Roma experience before i made my way up the north of italy, i got to then meet again with Matteo to go and visit Fontana di Trevi, to go and make my wish with my 50c coin. Where you stand with your back towards the fountain and throw the coin over your left shoulder. My wish was that i would get my happily ever after with Matteo 🙂 i am such a hopeless romantic at heart. I’m not superstitious so i don’t mind sharing what my wish was, because its already practically come true!




I loved the Fontana di Trevi, and it was surprisingly busy for midnight in Roma. The only annoying thing was that there was so many illegals trying to hock off things, they actually took the above photos of Matteo and I, and then demanded money after they had taken them. And poor Matteo had 5 different guys come up to him trying to sell roses. They would just try to shove a rose in my hand then expect money of Matteo. It was ridiculous. And then as soon as the cops so off they would take off running.

But other than that, the Fontana di Trevi was definitely a highlight of my trip. 🙂


Ciao belli


Anna x


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