oggi si và in italia!

Ciao a tutti,

Ieri sera I went out for cena with a group of italians, thinking “ohhh yeeeea i’m with italians I can practise my italian”, then I realised how hopeless I am at italian smalltalk. I could occasionally come out with 1 random useful sentence maybe even 20/30 minuti and understand every word in 5, and gather maybe half of what was being said around me, but still a good half washed over me. I did learn a bit more of the italian history though, which was nice, and learnt all about those italian stereotypes, why they all REGIONALLY don’t really like each other. But I guess you have those rivalries in all countries don’t you. I think even in New Zealand there are slight rivalries between the north and the south islands (I will proudly tell anyone who asks me about New Zealand that the South Island is the better Island). But whereas New Zealand is only a new country, these italian rivalries go back to when all the regions were actually little kingdoms, and gets passed down for generations. Although Luigi e Anna (I had never met an italian called Luigi before last night, I was super excited, I asked him if he was a pizza maker, because I think anyone called Luigi should make pizza) explained that the stereotypes are changing, because back when the north was always richer than the south, where both Luigi e Anna were from (Napoli e pompeii), but now not so much, because the north isn’t as rich as it used to be, because the industries where they used to get their soldi is all being sold to big businesses outside of italy. No wonder poor italy is in such an economic crisis! And I really need them to get out of one! I’ll never be able to convince Matteo to let us move there is they remain in this economic crisis! When Matteo was there at the end of 2012, he was working as a coffee machine technician, earning €3 un ora and €700 a month. He was having to work nearly 60 hours a week just to make that money. That is ridiculous! And the problem is, 1. They don’t have a legal minimum wage  and  2. If they brought in a minimum wage, the romanians would still work for less just to get work.  Therefore its useless. I guess I can still keep my dreams of having my little olive garden, or vineyard, forse uno giorno! 

Alloraho scrivatto a 7.03 di mattina! To excited to go back to sleep, and I haven’t exactly packed yet, but that won’t take too long! Arriviato in italia a 20.30 stasera, con zia Donatella picking us up. (She was my first ninja turtle to come across haha) I’ve got to wrap the rest the presents, I got the classic “hungry little caterpillar” from amazon for piccolo Daniel, il bambino di Giada (Matteo’s Cousin). I don’t know about you other english readers, but I know they read it at school here in england, and I remember it from my childhood in New Zealand. I was practising last night, and I think I can pronounce all the words quite clearly, thankfully. Daniel will probably be the only one that will actually understand me, because our speaking level is probably the same! haha.  The supermarket here in london luckily sells some New Zealand wine, so we got a couple of bottles for Mamma Stefania e papa Stefano. So hopefully they will all enjoy.

Well alas, I better get up now, and get ready, since there is also the strike on the tubes, we do have to leave rather early to make it to the airport on time!

I’m sure i’ll have much more exciting things to say soon! ahhhhhhhhhhh

Ciao belli!


The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. –St. Augustine

Anna xxx


Il colosseo, dicembre 2012
Photo Credit: Me


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