prima di giorno in roma

Ciao a tutti,

Allora it is my first morning of waking up in italia, la sole shining through the window, a welcome sign for all of italy i’m sure to see the sun. This morning Matteo takes me to my favourite mall, Parco Leonardo, Penso we are going there because he needs a sim card, but it’s a mall and I love shopping, so I will make sure I take advantage.

Mini view of parco leonardo Photo Credit: Matteo

Mini view of parco leonardo
Photo Credit: Matteo

While Matteo went to have un fumo, I decided to go to the pet shop “Moby Dick”, now adoro animali negozi, I am forever dreaming of getting millions of animali, I found the most adorable animal in the world! I want one so bad. Un cricito roborowski! Which is just a little hamster! But it was molto carinissimo!

criceto roborowski! Photo Credit: me

criceto roborowski!
Photo Credit: me


Look how fast they go!
Photo Credit: Matteo

Ho fame, pranzo non lontano ma ho fame, so we have a quick bite of pizza! I love italian pizza, I love how you can buy it by the slice! i wish they did things like that in english countries where you can buy by the slice! It’s so much cheaper this way, because they are MASSIVE slices. We had one between two!


mi primo pizza di roma!
Photo Credit: Matteo

On the drive back to la casa di nonna, I notice a girl on the side of the road, randomly sitting in a white plastic BBQ chair. I said to Matteo “That’s a random place to have a chair” he replied with “She’s a whore, she works there…” oops…. I then see a second girl on a wooden chair this time. I guess i’m just so naive when it comes to seeing things like this. I’ve never in my life come across it, and we’re in an area where there isn’t much around. Both girls look dressed up like they’re going to the mall, they don’t like much older than me, if the same age, the don’t look like someone selling there body. It’s sad really.

When we arrivato a casa, nonna e nella cucina lei fanno pasta di pomodori, il sugo ha pomodori, cipolle e sedano. I was pretty pleased that I understood.

While sitting with nonna while she was cooking le pasta Alessandra Mussolini came on la televisione, I pointed to her and said to nonna “Nonno Mussolini” because I knew that it was mussolini’s granddaughter, nonna replied with “si, benedito mussolini” She then went on to tell me that when she was 12, she lived in anzio and all the american soldiers were there, fighting the war, and the next time she went back, they were all dead. It was so heart breaking to hear her tell it, I could see that it saddened her to remember. She went on to say that Mussolini by himself was great, but then came Hitler and all the rules and he became great no more.

Mangia la pasta per pranzo

Mangia la pasta per pranzo

At the dinner table, I learned all about pane casareccio (homemade bread) although it was bought from the bakery down the road, it is made without salt, typical in the tuscany and marche regions. It’s name is terni. It was very yummy. I’m trying to me more adventurous in my eating. As the last time we came here last year, I was pretty fussy. The terni was very yummy with a bit of prosciutto, melanzane e zucchine.

terni, di pane casarreccio Photo Credit: Matteo

terni, di pane casarreccio
Photo Credit: Matteo

mio panino Photo Credit: me

mio panino
Photo Credit: me

dopo pranza, since it is such a bello giorno I went out on the terrazza to play with Lucky, Matteo’s cane. It was so funny when we came in yesterday evening, Lucky wouldn’t stop moaning as soon as he saw Matteo, you could definitely tell who missed Matteo the most! haha


lucky, me e matteo
Photo credit: Me

Mio amico nuovo! Photo credit: Matteo

Mio amico nuovo!
Photo credit: Matteo

At 2 o’clock Matteo’s papa called round. It was really nice to see him, and he can speak a bit of inglese too, which at least makes me understand things a lot more clearly. On saturday he is taking us to Anzio and Cassino, and he told me it’s his first time to Cassino as well. So it will be extra nice for him too! He was saying at Anzio I will have perfect photo opportunities. My step father told me about Anzio the last time I was here in italy a year ago, but due to the weather and not having una macchina we never made it. I quite like learning about la guerra, and I know the New Zealand soldiers were there as well. My step father said in Cassino, he knew someone from a little town just out of ours that was ACTUALLY there! Crazy! Such a small world!

Matteo e papa Stefano Photo Credit: Me

Matteo e papa Stefano
Photo Credit: Me

After that, I had a wee nap, while Matteo went to il bar (coffee shop) where his amico worked to do some catch ups. sto stanco, cosi I don’t go. I woke up to the sounds of un bambino! Ecco Daniel! I was a bit frightened to go out of the room, because Matteo wasn’t home, and he has been amazing with helping me understand things, but I thought, no, Anna, you have to get yourself out there, and what better way to learn that to be forced to use the language. Daniel and I hit it off so well. Which I think surprised both nonna e mamma who were with him when I got up. Matteo told me afterwards that Daniel normally doesn’t really like strangers. He is 14 mesi, e molto bellissimo. I came into the room where mamma is, and brought the book all wrapped up for him, he opened it and I read to him. He was a bit cautious of me at first, looking up and me with his big brown eyes. So I read him his book, then I sang him incey wincey spider, and he started bouncing up and down with a smile on his face. Then he started roaring at me like le leone do, so I would roar back at him. The first time I did it, he jumped, it was so funny. Then we played with la macchina. Nonna gave me a succo di frutta and daniel did the hand gesture where you point to your cheek with your index finger and turn it in circles. It was just adorable! We had lots of cuddles. I had to have a little giggle, because he was on nonna’s knee, and he wriggled off to come and hop onto my knee. I think everyone was so surprised at how well Daniel and I were together. I was so felice. I can’t wait to see him again! By the end of the visit he could even say Anna!

Daniel reading "the hungry little caterpillar" - in italian of course! Photo Credit: Me

Daniel reading “the hungry little caterpillar” – in italian of course!
Photo Credit: Me

Selfies time! Photo Credit: Me

Selfies time!
Photo Credit: Me

Sneaking under the table! Photo Credit: Me

Sneaking under the table!
Photo Credit: Me

When Daniel leaves, nonna starts preparing for la cena. I watch her fanno crumbed chicken with thinly sliced breast. lei usare sale, uove e pangrattato (bread crumbse guarda buona! And boy did it end up tasting nice.

You know, I think I’m doing pretty well considering I only have my reading italian blogs and my course I’ve been doing, one word I think everyone in Matteo’s family says all the time is capito (understand) Or senti, senti! Listen to me! I think I could say these words, but I struggle to put a sentence together still, although that does seem to be improving a little bit. But even the understanding is a process. I will here it in italian, then translate it to english in my head, then think of it back in italian to comprehend the meaning, and then I understand it. Ahhhhh confusing sometimes!

Allora, I’m in bed now, getting ready to dormi. Oggi è stato fantastico! And both mamma e nonna have been so encouraging with my italian. I think by the end of this trip it is going to improve a hundred fold!

Buona notte miei amici! A domani!


Anna x

Lucky looking somewhat human! haha Photo Credit: Me

Lucky looking somewhat human! haha
Photo Credit: Me

View from la casa! Photo Credit: Me

View from la casa!
Photo Credit: Me


4 thoughts on “prima di giorno in roma

  1. frankieandgiuseppe says:

    Sounds like full immersion. Have fun!


  2. james says:

    Did you say to nonna “Com’era la vita prima della guerra?”…I really only ask this because I learnt that today. So you know, got to try to use it somehow 🙂 Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.


    • haha, didn’t quite say it like that. Because when we ended up talking about the war it was because of something on tv that I saw. Or when she was telling me what it was like growing up. and it would just come up. But I was pretty pleased I understood guerra 🙂


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