rides in an alfa romeo, lunch italian style and evening chats with nonna

Buonasera miei amici

Allora oggi has been a busy day today. This morning we got to have a bit of a sleep in, which was nice. And after getting up and getting ready, and speaking with mamma stefania, I came to the conclusion that when you put in the effort and actually try to speak italian, italians are so proud of you and encourage you, but also try to speak little bits of english to make you feel more comfortable, like this morning, matteo ask me if I liked the smell of some shampoo that mamma had bought for herself, (of my favourite ultra dolce brand) because if I liked it she was going to get me a bottle. It was lavender and rose flavour, and it smelt amazing, so i told her that, and she was like “Ti piace, you like?” I didn’t even realise she could say little bits of english, it meant so much for me that she was saying little things like that. Even this evening, when we were sitting round the kitchen table she said devo studaio inglese I need to study english (I think there was an extra word there too, but I can’t remember) I replied back with a devo studaio italiano, mi insegni italian, io insegni inglese! It makes me feel so much love for her for just the little things, I feel so lucky to have found mia famiglia italiana.

Anyhow, after we got ready, papa stefano came to pick up Matteo and I and take us to his aunty’s house with his girlfriend Mariangela! It was about a good 30 minute drive away. It was papa Stefano’s childhood home. And I got to meet all of Matteo’s family from his dad’s side, nonna anna e nonno alberto, his 2 aunties and their husbands, his 3 cousins, his great aunty and uncle, and experience a real italian pranzo. It was entertaining to watch the interactions of the family, and they were all so welcoming of me. My favourite part was watching how playful stefano was with his little sister Ariana. He picked on her the whole time like big brothers do. It was so entertaining. We started our pranzo with a penne ragu, then had this delicious battered thing with ham and cheese in the middle, with pork, piselli, patate e pepperoni. IT was amazing! Then for dolce I had a pastry with nutella practically dripping off the pasty. It was buona! I just let the italian around me wash over me, but both Stefano and Mariangela spoke english for my benefit, which was lovely. papa Stefano spent 2 years in america when he was 24, so he learnt his english over there, but he’s turning 52 next year, so it’s probably a bit hard to remember something he hasn’t had to use for over 25 years. But I was so thankful for it. I mean I’m getting a lot better at understanding it, but I really need to concentrate, and lots of concentrating hurts my head! After 4 hours at Matteo’s Great Aunties, we finally made our departure.

The neighbourhood we arrived at just down the road from Matteo's Great Aunt's house.

The neighbourhood we arrived at just down the road from Matteo’s Great Aunt’s house.

Daniela, Ariana, Stefano and Mariangela  Photo Credit: Matteo

Daniela, Ariana, Stefano and Mariangela
Photo Credit: Matteo

Selfies time! Ariana and Matteo.  Photo Credit: Matteo

Selfies time! Ariana and Matteo.
Photo Credit: Matteo

Matteo con Nonna Anna e Nonno Alberto

Matteo con Nonna Anna e Nonno Alberto

After heading to Stefano and Mariangela’s, we got to take the alfa romeo home, ohhh yeeeah. Matteo was enjoying driving it very muchly. When we arrived home we enjoyed a nice 90 minuti chatting around la tavola della cucina with nonna e mamma. Nonna was giving us good life advice, saying that her and Nonna Ermanno were married for 57 years, and had been together for 61 years all together, and that it was hard work, and nonno always complained about her cooking, when everyone else loved her cooking, but that through all the hard work, there was many good points. She said try not to fight, because fighting will get you know where, and she was saying that its been 4 years since nonno passed away, and for all his annoying habits, she misses him so much. I started crying at this point, I can’t help but empathise when people are telling me these stories, it makes me so sad. Nonna came over and gave me a big hug and a kiss, I could see the tears in her eyes also. Then mamma enjoyed telling me bits about her childhood, when nonna would always tell her sister Donatella how pretty she was with her blue eyes and blonde hair, so mamma would do things like cut her fringe of her hair really short to get attention. haha. It was a great evening around the kitchen table. And I found a book called grammatica della lingua italiana on the bookshelf which Nonna said I could have! Ohhh yeeeah!

Well I get to look forward to tomorrow now, I will go to mass with nonna and Paola, afterwards I get to make gnocchi for lunch, then hopefully see Daniel!






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