Arrivederci mia bella roma….

Ciao miei amici,

Allora, I am now back in londra feeling as though my 2 weeks in Italia were all a dream… did that really happen? Was I really there? It was so hard saying goodbye, especially when I stupidly decided to book our flights back at 7.15am, which meant we had to be up at 4.30am and leave by 5, all for the savings of around £10, next time I think we will pay that extra £10 to not have to get up so early with only 2 hours sleep under our belts.

I’m finding it quite difficult to get back to reality, after arriving at work on Tuesday just before lunch, it almost feels as though Italy wasn’t real, as if it was all infact a dream. Now I have to get myself back into practising my italian everyday, I want to be better than I was this trip. I want to be able to actually properly converse with everyone, rather than it all just going over my head. Time to get back into study study and more study.

We are already planning our next trip back, this time to the glorious (or dreaded) heat in agosto! I want to get that beautiful italian tan! Of beaches and festi, any reason to soak up the sunshine and not have to be rugged up as you do in inverno! And we’re hoping to do a 3 1/2 week trip this time. That will be so much nicer! Because the 2 weeks we were there just flew past. And at least it will be much easier for us to actually go places, without worries of flood warnings, or the such. Maybe even higher a car, since Matteo will be 25 while we’re in Italy, so it won’t cost a ridiculous amount and my NZ driving license isn’t valid in Italy unfortunately. And we will also have more soldi, I won’t be the only one with the cash, handing it out like I am a madre! It will be much better planned!

I really wish I was back there now, I feel as though I was actually getting somewhere with the linguistics, between listening to the television, watching la sirenetta and cinderella, and the weird game show that was on every dinner time, and was highly addictive to watch. To eating great food.

Now we both have to aim to exercise and eat healthy, so we will feel much better stripping down alla spiaggia! 

It’s quite a downer coming back to the “real world” when you have just spent 2 weeks in paradise! I hope I can get back into the swing of things, and study and enjoy returning to learning this bella lingua, so I can parlo it properly when we arrive for 3 weeks in agosto! 

At least I can practise my writing skills by writing to mamma and zia now! So that will be good! haha

Enjoying the view of piazza del popolo  Photo Credit: Matteo

Enjoying the view of piazza del popolo
Photo Credit: Matteo

Allora, scrivere a presto!


Anna x


One thought on “Arrivederci mia bella roma….

  1. chiarabeebe says:

    Keep up the hard work! It’s worth it in the end 🙂


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