Getting back to the real world….

Ciao a tutti,

Getting back to this thing called the “real world” is never an exciting experience, I loved the feeling of being on holiday, of all things new, of having dinner made for me, of enjoying time with la famiglia, of just really enjoying the relaxed life style of being in italia. I think I felt my first real shock back into reality as I was having to work through the “Non EU passport holder” gate as we were entering customs at the airport. I was being my usual cherry self, and I said a buongiorno to l’uomo behind the desk (since it was like 6.30am) and he asked me where I was going, so I said londra, then he said something else that I suddenly got confused with, and he then replied in english, “why are you speaking italian” … he made it seem like such a male thing, that I was SPEAKING italian. I was quite upset to say the least, I was like, well my boyfriend is italian, so I’m trying to learn. I know that I am leaving the bella paese to then go to an english country, but come on, he could of at least encouraged my practising of the italian.

Now that I’m back here in londra, it feels like italia was nothing more than a dream. Everyone asks me how it was, and my reply is always the same “It was beautiful, and I didn’t want to come back.

I’m slowly building up a routine now, between revising my previous studies of italian, to remember things that I’ve forgotten. I scored myself some flash sticks which I plan to cover around la casa! Exercising on a new routine to use to build up a bikini body for italia in agosto, and practising my lingua skills with Matteo. La problema is I know enough vocabulary, it’s just forming that damn sentence! arrrrh!

At least I can reminisce over the bella memories of those due settimani in febbraio! I think I need to remind myself why I’m learning this, and not get frustrated but laugh in all the faults I make, and enjoy this language, and enjoy learning it, I don’t want it to be like a chore. I want it to be fun! I guess I just need the encouragement I suppose. Because I do really try my hardest, but I guess when you don’t feel you have the encouragement of those closest to home it does get a lot harder.

I think the person I will miss the most and who will change the most next time I see him will be little Daniel. I learnt so much from just being around him (unfortunately that makes me realise I have the linguistic skills of a 14 month old) But just interactions with him on a daily basis really improved my understanding. And made me enjoy the learning process so much, because he would teach me, but I could teach him also. It was a great little thing we had going on!


mio piccolo Daniel e la macchina!  Photo Credit: Matteo

mio piccolo Daniel e la macchina!
Photo Credit: Matteo

Well now I better get to doing some practise!

Ciao miei amici!



3 thoughts on “Getting back to the real world….

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