Road Block

Ciao a tutti,

Recently, really since I have gotten back from Italy, I have really felt at a road block with my language abilities. I feel like I just can’t get over this “hump”, to get back into my studies, and small achievements day by day. Sure I’m still listening to italian music, singing along, watching some italian television, speaking little bits of italian with Matteo, but past that, I just feel like I’m not getting any further.

I know that if I do get past this up, it’ll be all downhill from here (as in easy, because walking uphill is hard) and then I think that my language abilities with just increase so much. But right now, I feel as though I’m staring at a brick wall, with no place to go.

Has anyone else experienced these issues with their language learning?

photo credit: google images

photo credit: google images

Ciao belli!

Anna x