Da quanto tempo

Ciao a tutti,

I know I’ve been cattivo and have been a bit MIA. But I still ti voglio bene! I have been half doing my preposition challenge. Although I struggled with day 9, so only have just completed it now, so I think I’ve got like 5 more days of catch up to go! will post about it shortly, but not in this post!

I did something quite exciting iere! I bought my ticket to Italia!!!!! ahhhhhh, so on glovedi 14th agosto I will be flying into fiumicino l’aeroporto with mamma waiting for me on the other side. And WITHOUT Matteo!!! He will arrive a week later! So I am so very excited. But that means that I definitely need to get my A into G, if I don’t want to have the language skills of a 2 year old!

So I have once again started my mango languages course, I have all 3 journeys, so I just need to get through all of them. Last time I only did two of them. And they did help me so much, but then I kind of gave up, so I just need to encourage myself a bit more, I’m sure a lot of you know how easy it is to get out of good habits.

I am sure that spending 4 weeks in Italia will definitely give me a better grasp on the bella lingua, especially with planning on going places where not much english is spoke. I’ll be spending one week by myself in roma with la famiglia, then Matteo will arrive for a couple of days, then we’re planning to go and spend two weeks in puglia by the ocean! Not quite sure WHERE in puglia yet, but somewhere that is reasonably priced and looks beautiful! At least it should be amazing weather still being agosto and early settembre! 

Coming into my second summer while being on this side of the world, I am starting to form some good habits, have started Matteo’s crazy italian detox diet, with mainly involves salad and meat, and pasta only once a week 😦 I’ve started running to lose those kilograms I put on when I lived in my horrid flat where I ate takeaways all the time, and it is hard to lose stored fat! But the running is actually going well, for my birthday last week Matteo bought me an iPod nano, and it has the nike+ app, and it is amazing for helping me with timing and distances of my runs. And I now have a rather crazy obsession for an italian brand called nunalie!

So bring on estate I say! This summer will be amazing! Cannot wait to spend 4 weeks in a bella paese! 

Ciao ciao!


Puglia - photo credit: google images

Puglia – photo credit: google images


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