il mio italiano è pessimo!

Ciao a tutti,

I am hopeless when it comes to writing aren’t I! I need to get more into it again! And really need to get into my practising of italian, considering it’s only 4 weeks until I go there, but I guess immersing myself in the culture and the language without my translation crutch (Matteo) will be the best way to learn. That way I will just have to speak it, I can’t get embarrassed about it like usual, otherwise I will be the most boring visitor ever if I don’t talk to anyone! I think I’ll just say any old words and add them together and hope they understand! haha!


Well I haven’t had a very good week this week, in the weekend Matteo and I found out that Mamma was back in hospital again. She hasn’t had a good run of it, that’s for sure! This time last year she was in hospital with pleurisy (fluid in the lungs, trouble breathing etc) and was in hospital for about 3-4 months. Then when she finally came out, she had had a reaction to the antibiotics, which made her thighs swell up, so she was bedridden, and 85 year old Nonna was taking care of her. I don’t know if any of you remember me saying, but when we were in roma in febbraio she was still bedridden. Only just recently it seemed like she was starting to get better, she was going out to the shops, seeing people. She really started to seem good, which was why we had booked out tickets so early. But then in the weekend just gone, we learnt she is back again in l’ospedale with Pluerisy and fluid in her lungs. She’s so nervous about everything, which can’t be helping the recovery. But I at least helped Matteo be able to afford to go there as soon as possible (which was today) to go and see her, and maybe lighten her spirits a bit in this difficult time. Then she will get bouncy ol’ me, coming in 4 more weeks! and then Matteo again the following week! So she will have plenty of us around to try to cheer her up!

It was mamma’s birthday yesterday, and I was messaging her on Facebook, and she said the nicest thing to me, after I had told her I had written a letter to papa francesco asking for him to pray for her. She said “Amore mio, My love con te ho avuto il dono di una nuova figlia. With you I have the gift of  a new daughter. Sono felice perche’ ami tanto mio figlio e questa cosa mi conforta. I am happy because you love my son so much, and this comforts me. Grazie per le tante preghiere per le tue e per quelle che arrivano da tanto lontano. Thank you for the many prayers from you, and from those who come from far away.  Sai Anna hai ragione tu perche’ non provarci ad arrivare in alto…  You’re right Anna, to go right to the top, Di certo male non fa…of course it cannot hurt riuscita a farmi sorrier! You did manage to make me smile Ti voglio bene piccola I love you piccola ci vediamo presto un grande bacio See you soon, a big kiss.

I thought that was just the sweetest thing. lei e bellissima! 

Well I hope everyone is enjoying l’estate! 

Ciao belli!


Anna x

Mamma and I snuggled up together in february!

Mamma and I snuggled up together in february!