la spiaggia, shopping, ladispoli and hydromania

ciao a tutti,
my days have been packed full the last few days, I only just managed to upload the post I wrote on my first day because it somehow ended up in the trash (I’m using the app while over here), but Italia has been Molto bello.

after my arrival, on Saturday we went for a trip to la spiaggia di fiumicino, it was such a beautiful day, with zia Donatella, Carlotta and Donatella’s husbands zii. we lounged around on lounge chairs, I picked up a tan! and enjoyed a bit of the ocean, although it wasn’t that great a beach! it was quite dirty, but I guess that is quite expected for a beach right next to l’aeroporto!!

me enjoying the sunshine!

the swimming hole at the spiaggia

After going to the beach, Carlotta did my hair and took me to my favourite shopping mall here parco di leonardo! it is massive! I love it! I could spend all day in there easily! I bought a lot of new clothes (because I didn’t pack many on purpose of course) and then we made our way back home!

on Sunday we had quite a chilled morning! little Daniel arrived home as they were picking up nonna to take her to Zia Paola‘s country house! after seeing them for a little bit, I relaxed for the afternoon, then at 4pm, Zia Donatella, Monia, Carlotta, Cristian (fidanzato di Carlotta) and I all went to Ladispoli! it was beautiful! an ocean town, with beautiful street markets! it was a very enjoyable sera! I even got a little fridge magnet that says ladispoli on it! hehe

me, cristian and Carlotta enjoying the ocean view!

On lunedì I just enjoyed the morning at home, then went to parco di leonardo again with la famiglia although I wasn’t feeling very well with a sore tummy, so I wasn’t very much in the mood for shopping! after a while I started to feel a but better and I got some occhiali di sole or sunglasses! as it is a much needed accessory in this weather! haha

Ieri or yesterday, Carlotta, cristian and I enjoyed the whole day at hydromania water park! it was amazing! they had waves pools and hydro slides! although the others didn’t want to do the slides so much! so I would like to go back when Matteo arrives, I know he would be willing to go down the hydro slides with me over and over again! haha but it was a lovely day! I did get a bit sunburnt, but it seems to have turned brown today! so can’t complain there! haha

(I will try to upload some pics when I manage to get near a computer as it doesn’t seem to be working on here)

we are now on our way to la casa paese or Zia Paola’s country house! it should be an exciting day!
and Matteo arrives tomorrow!!! yay! can’t believe I’ve already been here for a week!

the language skills are slowly improving! but sometimes my brain just fries! so I relax it by watched some re runs of modern family! haha
hope everyone is having a fantastic day!


Anna x

buon ferragosto! and my first day here!

I arrived at fiumicino l’aeroporto about 30min late as we were late in departing! I walked onto the ramp to the heat hit me! 28 degrees and I’m in jeans and a shirt! that will teach me! ha ha! after arrive at the luggage train I got a bit confused as to where my luggage was going to be as I had to take it to outsize luggage but it eventually arrived at the right place, and Bella Carlotta and zio Sergio were there waiting for me (I felt so bad, they were probably waiting for over an hour) but they said it was fine! and even though my italian was hopeless, I actually managed to communicate with them just fine and understand about 70% of what they were saying to me!

when we arrived at home, I said my ciao‘s and gave baci to everyone, and we went to Zia donatella‘s for dinner! we had a nice dinner of pomodori pasta and some fried courgettes and green beans! it was simple but delicious! and we spent a while around the table chatting! it was lovely! and I was actually able to chat away in italian with them! Google translate did come in handy when I couldn’t think of the right words but most of the time I did pretty well by myself! if I didn’t understand I would just ask them to repeat and then I would get it in the end! then after a while it was getting late so nonna and I went back to her casa and I went to bed in nonno‘s old room. and slept surprisingly well! I think the mattress has changed in the past two years, as it was quite soft and previously it’s been very hard so I was pleasantly surprised!

And I managed to sleep in this morning! I never sleep in! I am an early bird who wakes up before 6am ready to seize the day! but I slept in until 9am! I must of been tired from the travel and excitement! I got up. did my hair, then went to the Cucina for colazione! I had cornflakes for breakfast! it was fine! I think when I get a chance to go to the supermarket I might get something else though!

my view when I got up this morning!

I then went outside to plant my pohutakawa tree seeds or my New Zealand christmas tree! I think I will need to keep an eye on them as it’s so hot, they will need to be water, although I’m not meant to touch them for a week! but I guess I can spray the newspaper that is on top of the seedling trays!

As it is ferragosto or the assumption of Mary, it’s a public holiday here in italia, so everywhere is closed, and everyone here is working, or away at their casa di paese, so it’s just nonna and I left behind! so I have spent the morning looking through some old photos, and watching nonna make lasagna for pranzo! I can’t wait to eat it! it looks delicious! well I hope it’s for lunch! haha

well I did eat the lasagna per pranzo and it was buono!, nonna and I carried the lasagna downstairs to Zii Sergio è Donatella a casa and we all ate once Donatella arrived home from work! and it was amazing! and ate everything on my plate! and enjoyed a couple of vino‘s with zio to celebrate ferragosto! It was really nice!

now I’m just enjoying a lie down on the bed! It is such a beautiful day here in Roma! We are off to the beach tomorrow! we are leaving about 8am! I can’t wait! will be amazing! and I might get a tan! haha yaaaaaay!

ciao a tutti 🙂



Italia a domani!

Italy tomorrow…..

wow, I’m actually going back to Italy tomorrow. With poor language skills, and no one to translate for me. It shall definitely be an interesting ride.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their condolence messages, it is much appreciated! And means a lot!


It will definitely be a rather strange trip to Italia, considering my reason for going early was to spend time with Mamma. But it will still be a nice week I am sure, one of Matteo’s cousins Carlotta will be free most of the week, so I can spend the time with her. Although she doesn’t speak english, and my italian skills are abysmal. Last time we were there, I could get the start of a sentence, miss the vital middle part but I would also know the end of the sentence. It was very frustrated. But I got my phone fixed, and have the trusty google translate app which is pretty hopeless. But hey, if I remember back 20months ago when Matteo and I got together, that was how he spoke english with me, with google translate, so lets hope it will work in reverse with italian!

Me and Carlotta! Who says you need the same language to be great friends! haha

Me and Carlotta! Who says you need the same language to be great friends! haha

I’m nearly all packed. I have packed mostly for Matteo because when he arrives the following Thursday he only has a carry on bag to take, as we plan to buy a second suitcase in italy to fill up with food on our way home. Although, my suitcase is mainly full of gifts, even more than in the pics below, as I got a couple more bottles of wine to give to the aunties and older cousins.

One side of my bag all packed!

One side of my bag all packed!

Am just hoping it doesn’t break in the luggage bay of the aeroplane! The presents are full of overpriced goodies from New Zealand, since I had to buy them from over here, I had to pay ridiculously inflated prices. Gosh I cannot wait until September next year when I can go back to New Zealand a fill up a suitcase with all the food that I miss! haha

It feels so weird to be going to Italy alone though, I can just imagine how my conversation will be when Zia Donatella e Carlotta pick me up. Maybe Gaia will be there too, we shall see! It will probably go like “ahhhhh ciao ciao” then the usual kisses of greeting, then I might be able to work out if they ask how my flight was, only because of that song that goes voooolllllaaaarrreeee! then I will reply with a bene bene, then a come stai? And then it was be Blank…. I will end of being a snob, because I have no more structure of sentences. Unless I say my italian is awful, or I feel stupid, because I worked out how to say those ones too! Oh and I missed you! So I guess it may be like a long 2 minutes of conversation before I go back to being like a child!

Now speaking of children, one piccolo person I CANNOT wait to see will be little Daniel! I have lots of presents for him, and learn so much playing with me (which makes me feel more of an idiota because my language ability is that of a 20month year old) but it will be great! He is the cutest little man in the whole wide world! haha

Piccolo Daniel! Photo credit: Carlotta

Piccolo Daniel!
Photo credit: Carlotta

At least I can hope in the fact that after a week of no one being able to translate for me, I must be able to pick up something! I’ve got my mango languages course on my phone, so I might just listen to that the whole flight, although I restarted the course again as it’s the same as the computer version, and it’s just basic things that I know, like “how are you, what’s your name, have a good day” which I guess is fine to re affirm, I just hope that it will start with useful things, like “can I have a glass of water” which I know eventually comes in the course, I just can’t remember what chapter!

I guess the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself isn’t it? And while we were there for those 2 1/2 days for such an awful reason, I was forced to speak some italian, and while whenever I attempt to speak it in a group, I get it repeated 5 or 6 times with everyone giggling afterwards and saying che carina which is really quite a put off and makes me feel embarrassed, it did vastly improve. So with a full week without Matteo there to be a translator, it will have to improve!  I think my biggest hindrance to myself is that I’m a bit embarrassed to speak. It’s not that I don’t understand, it’s that I just feel silly speaking the language.

So it should be a great ragazze settimana or girls week! haha! I’ve even got a pohutakawa or New Zealand christmas tree to attempt to grow in Italy! So they can have a little bit of me with them all the time! haha or a little bit of New Zealand!

a New Zealand christmas tree

a New Zealand christmas tree

Well I hope everyone has been having a good summer!

I am sure I will be writing a lot now that I will actually BE in Italy for a whole 4 WEEKS!!! AHHHHHHHHH!



Ciao a tutti!

Scrive a presto!






Ciao mamma….

Allora… I had a not very nice trip to Italy on domenica at lunch time.

We woke up to a call from zia, saying that Matteo needed to come to Italy, but they wouldn’t say why, then after lots of messages between his sorella and himself on facebook, we found out the horrible news… Mamma is gone….

I have never moved so fast, got straight onto the computer, booked the cheapest direct flights to Rome and left as we had about 2 hours to be at the airport before check in closed. Then we arrived to Gatwick airport and was on the plane to Rome in no time, it felt surreal, like it couldn’t be happening… Matteo had just spent a week in Italy spending time with Mamma in the hospital… the doctor said she could probably leave hospital in 2-3 weeks… so that would mean she would either be out, or coming out of hospital by the time we were arriving for our holiday…. not for this to happen, it was a shock, I guess you can never truly be prepared for something like this. I am so glad that Matteo got to spend that week with her though, I think it was so important.

And to think back when we were both there together in febbraio I wanted to get a photo of all 3 of us. And Matteo said no, next time… well I’m never going to get that next time. Neither of us will…

It was quite different for me attending an Italian funeral, coming from a different country there were definitely aspects that I found strange. In the morning we went to the hospital where they had her body in the hospital mortuary. Matteo didn’t want to go in there, I told him it’s important, and Mamma’s fidanzato convinced him it was important as well. So I went with him, she was so beautiful lying there, it just looked as though she was sleeping and she would wake up any minute. I was so glad I could be there for Matteo, that he didn’t have to face it without me there. I was glad I could be there for his sorella as well. Because I know it’s hard of Matteo, but it must be just as hard on Gaia if not more. Because mothers and daughters always have that special bond that you can’t explain.

After we left the hospital we went to the funeral mass, where the priest talked about her during the homily, no one else came up to say a eulogy or anything, there was no slideshow with pictures of her life or anything and I couldn’t really understand much of what was being said. Then we went to the gravesite. That was the thing I found most strange, the priest never came to say a prayer or anything as she was being lowered in the ground. We just got there, they put her in the gravesite and then the grave workers put the dirt over the casket and that was it. Then the family put the flowers that they had gotten during the morning on the gravesite.

It was hard, there is so much I would of liked to have shown Mamma. I loved her very much. She reminded me so much of my mother in New Zealand. Even though I couldn’t speak to her probably, I wished I could of talked to her in Italian and understood what she would say to me. I wish I could have taken her to New Zealand to see what it is like on the other side of the world. I wish I could of just given her one last hug and told her how much I loved her.

But at least now she will be able to understand me. I think when you have faith it makes you understand that even though it’s hard, you believe that she is in a better place, she is no longer in pain, no longer hurting. And now when I talk to her, she can actually understand me even if I can’t speak to her in Italian.

Ciao mammina!

Ciao mammina!

Zia Paola found a good prayer/poem for us to think of It’s St. Augustine’s prayer of death is nothing.

I have just moved to the neighbouring room

I am who I am … you are whom you are,

That which we were to one another,

We will always be.

Call be by my name.

Speak to me like you’ve always did.

Don’t use a different tone ….

Don’t take that look; solemn or sad.

Continue to laugh at that which made us laugh together.

Pray, smile, think of me, pray for me.

Let my name be pronounced at home,

As it always was,

Without pomposity or gloom.

Life is still the same

It is what it always was

The string has not been cut.

Why should I be away from your thoughts?

Just because I am away from your sight?

I’m not far, just on the other side of the road….

You see, everything is fine …

Wipe your tears and cry no more.

Just beautiful, and so true!

Yesterday morning after our horrid day on Monday, Zia Paola took me, Matteo, Gaia, Carlotta and Simone to see castel gandolfo, it reminded Matteo and I that the sun still shines after the storm. It was a nice morning to be together. Zia Paola bought me a piccola bambolina (little dolly) Matteo said that it’s a good reminder for us of the past couple of days. I said I will name my piccola bambolina Stefania. after Mamma. So now I will always have her in bambolina form!

And surprisingly for myself, after two days of having to speak Italian, my Italian drastically improved, only problem for me is, that whenever I speak it, everyone always repeats what I say in my little voice, because they think it’s so cute that I try. Che palle!

Well I hope everyone had a much better weekend/beginning of the week than we did. Was back at work on Wednesday! But I have two weeks now before I go back to Italia, it really won’t be the same anymore. I will never get to say Ciao Mamma anymore when I see her. I think that’s one of the things I will find the hardest, because I loved to say that to her, and I like to think that she liked to hear it from me too!


me con Gaia e Carlotta

me con Gaia e Carlotta on our goodbye of italia after the funeral, the sun still shines after a storm

Ciao a tutto!

A presto! xxx