Italia a domani!

Italy tomorrow…..

wow, I’m actually going back to Italy tomorrow. With poor language skills, and no one to translate for me. It shall definitely be an interesting ride.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their condolence messages, it is much appreciated! And means a lot!


It will definitely be a rather strange trip to Italia, considering my reason for going early was to spend time with Mamma. But it will still be a nice week I am sure, one of Matteo’s cousins Carlotta will be free most of the week, so I can spend the time with her. Although she doesn’t speak english, and my italian skills are abysmal. Last time we were there, I could get the start of a sentence, miss the vital middle part but I would also know the end of the sentence. It was very frustrated. But I got my phone fixed, and have the trusty google translate app which is pretty hopeless. But hey, if I remember back 20months ago when Matteo and I got together, that was how he spoke english with me, with google translate, so lets hope it will work in reverse with italian!

Me and Carlotta! Who says you need the same language to be great friends! haha

Me and Carlotta! Who says you need the same language to be great friends! haha

I’m nearly all packed. I have packed mostly for Matteo because when he arrives the following Thursday he only has a carry on bag to take, as we plan to buy a second suitcase in italy to fill up with food on our way home. Although, my suitcase is mainly full of gifts, even more than in the pics below, as I got a couple more bottles of wine to give to the aunties and older cousins.

One side of my bag all packed!

One side of my bag all packed!

Am just hoping it doesn’t break in the luggage bay of the aeroplane! The presents are full of overpriced goodies from New Zealand, since I had to buy them from over here, I had to pay ridiculously inflated prices. Gosh I cannot wait until September next year when I can go back to New Zealand a fill up a suitcase with all the food that I miss! haha

It feels so weird to be going to Italy alone though, I can just imagine how my conversation will be when Zia Donatella e Carlotta pick me up. Maybe Gaia will be there too, we shall see! It will probably go like “ahhhhh ciao ciao” then the usual kisses of greeting, then I might be able to work out if they ask how my flight was, only because of that song that goes voooolllllaaaarrreeee! then I will reply with a bene bene, then a come stai? And then it was be Blank…. I will end of being a snob, because I have no more structure of sentences. Unless I say my italian is awful, or I feel stupid, because I worked out how to say those ones too! Oh and I missed you! So I guess it may be like a long 2 minutes of conversation before I go back to being like a child!

Now speaking of children, one piccolo person I CANNOT wait to see will be little Daniel! I have lots of presents for him, and learn so much playing with me (which makes me feel more of an idiota because my language ability is that of a 20month year old) but it will be great! He is the cutest little man in the whole wide world! haha

Piccolo Daniel! Photo credit: Carlotta

Piccolo Daniel!
Photo credit: Carlotta

At least I can hope in the fact that after a week of no one being able to translate for me, I must be able to pick up something! I’ve got my mango languages course on my phone, so I might just listen to that the whole flight, although I restarted the course again as it’s the same as the computer version, and it’s just basic things that I know, like “how are you, what’s your name, have a good day” which I guess is fine to re affirm, I just hope that it will start with useful things, like “can I have a glass of water” which I know eventually comes in the course, I just can’t remember what chapter!

I guess the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself isn’t it? And while we were there for those 2 1/2 days for such an awful reason, I was forced to speak some italian, and while whenever I attempt to speak it in a group, I get it repeated 5 or 6 times with everyone giggling afterwards and saying che carina which is really quite a put off and makes me feel embarrassed, it did vastly improve. So with a full week without Matteo there to be a translator, it will have to improve!  I think my biggest hindrance to myself is that I’m a bit embarrassed to speak. It’s not that I don’t understand, it’s that I just feel silly speaking the language.

So it should be a great ragazze settimana or girls week! haha! I’ve even got a pohutakawa or New Zealand christmas tree to attempt to grow in Italy! So they can have a little bit of me with them all the time! haha or a little bit of New Zealand!

a New Zealand christmas tree

a New Zealand christmas tree

Well I hope everyone has been having a good summer!

I am sure I will be writing a lot now that I will actually BE in Italy for a whole 4 WEEKS!!! AHHHHHHHHH!



Ciao a tutti!

Scrive a presto!







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