buon ferragosto! and my first day here!

I arrived at fiumicino l’aeroporto about 30min late as we were late in departing! I walked onto the ramp to the heat hit me! 28 degrees and I’m in jeans and a shirt! that will teach me! ha ha! after arrive at the luggage train I got a bit confused as to where my luggage was going to be as I had to take it to outsize luggage but it eventually arrived at the right place, and Bella Carlotta and zio Sergio were there waiting for me (I felt so bad, they were probably waiting for over an hour) but they said it was fine! and even though my italian was hopeless, I actually managed to communicate with them just fine and understand about 70% of what they were saying to me!

when we arrived at home, I said my ciao‘s and gave baci to everyone, and we went to Zia donatella‘s for dinner! we had a nice dinner of pomodori pasta and some fried courgettes and green beans! it was simple but delicious! and we spent a while around the table chatting! it was lovely! and I was actually able to chat away in italian with them! Google translate did come in handy when I couldn’t think of the right words but most of the time I did pretty well by myself! if I didn’t understand I would just ask them to repeat and then I would get it in the end! then after a while it was getting late so nonna and I went back to her casa and I went to bed in nonno‘s old room. and slept surprisingly well! I think the mattress has changed in the past two years, as it was quite soft and previously it’s been very hard so I was pleasantly surprised!

And I managed to sleep in this morning! I never sleep in! I am an early bird who wakes up before 6am ready to seize the day! but I slept in until 9am! I must of been tired from the travel and excitement! I got up. did my hair, then went to the Cucina for colazione! I had cornflakes for breakfast! it was fine! I think when I get a chance to go to the supermarket I might get something else though!

my view when I got up this morning!

I then went outside to plant my pohutakawa tree seeds or my New Zealand christmas tree! I think I will need to keep an eye on them as it’s so hot, they will need to be water, although I’m not meant to touch them for a week! but I guess I can spray the newspaper that is on top of the seedling trays!

As it is ferragosto or the assumption of Mary, it’s a public holiday here in italia, so everywhere is closed, and everyone here is working, or away at their casa di paese, so it’s just nonna and I left behind! so I have spent the morning looking through some old photos, and watching nonna make lasagna for pranzo! I can’t wait to eat it! it looks delicious! well I hope it’s for lunch! haha

well I did eat the lasagna per pranzo and it was buono!, nonna and I carried the lasagna downstairs to Zii Sergio è Donatella a casa and we all ate once Donatella arrived home from work! and it was amazing! and ate everything on my plate! and enjoyed a couple of vino‘s with zio to celebrate ferragosto! It was really nice!

now I’m just enjoying a lie down on the bed! It is such a beautiful day here in Roma! We are off to the beach tomorrow! we are leaving about 8am! I can’t wait! will be amazing! and I might get a tan! haha yaaaaaay!

ciao a tutti 🙂




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