la spiaggia, shopping, ladispoli and hydromania

ciao a tutti,
my days have been packed full the last few days, I only just managed to upload the post I wrote on my first day because it somehow ended up in the trash (I’m using the app while over here), but Italia has been Molto bello.

after my arrival, on Saturday we went for a trip to la spiaggia di fiumicino, it was such a beautiful day, with zia Donatella, Carlotta and Donatella’s husbands zii. we lounged around on lounge chairs, I picked up a tan! and enjoyed a bit of the ocean, although it wasn’t that great a beach! it was quite dirty, but I guess that is quite expected for a beach right next to l’aeroporto!!

me enjoying the sunshine!

the swimming hole at the spiaggia

After going to the beach, Carlotta did my hair and took me to my favourite shopping mall here parco di leonardo! it is massive! I love it! I could spend all day in there easily! I bought a lot of new clothes (because I didn’t pack many on purpose of course) and then we made our way back home!

on Sunday we had quite a chilled morning! little Daniel arrived home as they were picking up nonna to take her to Zia Paola‘s country house! after seeing them for a little bit, I relaxed for the afternoon, then at 4pm, Zia Donatella, Monia, Carlotta, Cristian (fidanzato di Carlotta) and I all went to Ladispoli! it was beautiful! an ocean town, with beautiful street markets! it was a very enjoyable sera! I even got a little fridge magnet that says ladispoli on it! hehe

me, cristian and Carlotta enjoying the ocean view!

On lunedì I just enjoyed the morning at home, then went to parco di leonardo again with la famiglia although I wasn’t feeling very well with a sore tummy, so I wasn’t very much in the mood for shopping! after a while I started to feel a but better and I got some occhiali di sole or sunglasses! as it is a much needed accessory in this weather! haha

Ieri or yesterday, Carlotta, cristian and I enjoyed the whole day at hydromania water park! it was amazing! they had waves pools and hydro slides! although the others didn’t want to do the slides so much! so I would like to go back when Matteo arrives, I know he would be willing to go down the hydro slides with me over and over again! haha but it was a lovely day! I did get a bit sunburnt, but it seems to have turned brown today! so can’t complain there! haha

(I will try to upload some pics when I manage to get near a computer as it doesn’t seem to be working on here)

we are now on our way to la casa paese or Zia Paola’s country house! it should be an exciting day!
and Matteo arrives tomorrow!!! yay! can’t believe I’ve already been here for a week!

the language skills are slowly improving! but sometimes my brain just fries! so I relax it by watched some re runs of modern family! haha
hope everyone is having a fantastic day!


Anna x


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