Ciao a tutti – molto tempo che non ci vediamo

Ciao a tutti,

Mi scusa for not writing sooner, I just needed to take a little break for a while from the social media world, but now I am back at full force ūüôā

A lot has been happening for me in the mondo di¬†italiano¬†or world of italian. While I still can’t seem to form a proper sentence. I am trying a lot harder. As 2 days before we left¬†italia, Matteo¬†asked me to marry him! It wasn’t a very romantic proposal at all, but I was sitting on the bed at Nonna’s house, saying that I was sad, because we were leaving in two days, and then he came out with the ring. So that’s quite nice. Now we get to arrange a big fat italian wedding!

the ring/ agnello

the ring/ agnello

It has been quite fun getting to plan some things. Matteo’s cugini¬†(cousins) have given us a wedding planner for a wedding gift, so at the moment we are just filling out the questionnaire to send back to her, but it is a bit difficult planning a wedding from here in london, for in rome italy. But I thought it is the right thing to do, to get married in¬†roma,¬†so that even though¬†mamma¬†can’t be there in person, at least she can be there in spirit! And we are planning to go to¬†Nuova Zelanda¬†for our honeymoon and a renewal of wedding vows, as my family are unable to make it to¬†Italia,¬†but it will be nice! Now to count down the days for¬†sabato 12 settembre 2015!¬†

I have also started attending St Peter’s Italian Church¬†every sunday, I sing in the¬†coro¬†or choir during the mass. I figured since we will be having a mass wedding in¬†italia¬†I might as well start learning the mass in italian! So that is proving useful, and it’s nice to be apart of some form of italian community in london! The only problem is they say the responses so quickly! ¬†But I’m sure I will get there eventually, and start to form some understanding. At least I know it by heart in english, so I know the translations of what I’m meant to be saying which is handy!

St. Peter's Italian Church in LondonSt Peter’s Italian Church

I have also started to take beginner intermediate italian lessons on a tuesday evening. I’ve only been to about 3 or 4 sessions so far, but I can understand about 80% of what the teacher Nicoletta is saying, which is definitely progress! And its really quite cheap, only 300 quid for a whole year! So can’t complain there! So hopefully it will mean I can surprise everyone next time I go back to italy! I’m sure I will get there eventually! It just seems like a very long learning process, when I wish I could just know it already now! I guess it gets a bit discouraging when it really doesn’t feel like I have come very far, but then if I look back to before I started to learn properly, then I have progressed so much! So here is hoping!

Last week we had some¬†amici¬†arrive from¬†roma, Luca e¬†Marta,¬†it was really nice seeing them, I always like seeing¬†Luca¬†when we’re in¬†Italia¬†because his english is wonderful, so it’s a nice treat to be able to speak to someone without having to fry my brain, so it was really nice to see him, and I even managed to have a 10 minute italian conversation with¬†Marta¬†about my wedding plans, so that was handy, because I think her sister is a wedding planner, and she works in a wedding shop back in¬†roma,¬†so I will definitely have to have a look when I make it back to Italy. So it was really lovely being able to see them, and it’s always funny being around people that can speak both italian and english, because they can just switch so quickly from one language to the other without thinking. I am super jealous!!!

From back to front: Matteo, Christmas, Marta, Luca and Me - enjoying M & M world in London

From back to front: Matteo, Christmas, Marta, Luca and Me – enjoying M & M world in London

Well I can’t think of much more to say write now, but I will start writing some more specific posts regarding the month in italy. As I have some wonderful photos to share!

A dopo!

Arrivederci a tutti!

Anna x