Arriva la bella principessa

Ciao a tutti

It has clearly been far to long since I clicked on the app and realised I’ve been neglecting this blog! But now I should have all the time in the world right? Now I am on maternity leave with our bella principessa Aurora Stefania

She is now 7 1/2 weeks old, and already bilingual. I’m learning so much more italian, just listening to her papà speak italian to her. Although I have been told I’m not allowed to speak italian to her, incase I corrupt her accent 😂 I’m allowed to say things like amore mio, principessa, bella mia, piccolina, because I can say those words fine, but I can understand his point. I want her to have a perfect italian accent, not a weirdo version that I have. So because I can’t speak it to her, I instead play her music in italian, we have been listening to Andrea boccelli, giorgia, as well as the italian soundtrack of the movie Moana (or Oceania as they call the italian version) 

I figure because we live in Nuova Zelanda and Aurora is surrounded by English every day, we need to try to implement as much italian at home as possible, although sometimes papà  forgets to speak to her in italian, and I have to remind him. I just say “wrong language”! And he reverts back! But  we read her a pimpa storybook every night, so she will get used to listening to stories in italian, and we have decided when she gets older and can write, we will get her little italian workbooks. Because while a lot of billigual children can speak a language, they can’t always read and write in that language, so we are going to make sure Aurora can do that! I think it might be even better when we eventually have second child, I would absolutely love to hear 3 people speaking italian in the household! How could I not learn it then!! 😂😂 and I would have the best translators when we do go back to Italy! 

Anyhow! Arrivederci! 

I will write again soon! 

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