31 day italian challenge giorni 19 – 31

Ciao a tutti!

Per oggi, I will try catch up to the rest of these daily challenges, I may do 1, 2 skip a few, perchè I did do them, but trying to write them all down takes a long time, and I want to start using this for more other ways of my learning journey.

For day 19 of the 31 day challenge, we listened to a podcast with dianne hales. Who wrote the book la bella lingua, it was really interested about her language journey, I really want to read her book now, it is in my amazon wish list, so I will book it on my long book list. (Sono busy lettura the game of thrones series primo!)

For day 24 we got to watch some episodes of italian soap opera, un posto al sole. even though it’s in a foreign language, it’s really like any other soap opera, no matter how much you’ve missed you can always pick up the general story. I remember when I was in italy, there was always a soap opera on around dinner time in rome. I got quite mesmerised with watching it, but can’t for the life of me remember what it was called now, it was on a sky channel. But it looked amazing. Hopefully I will come across it again in febbraio!

On giorno 25 we learn 33 things we can do to learn italian in 15 minutes. Cher came up with some very good ideas, like reading italian articles, listening to italian songs, to going on italki, or checking out duolingo. So there are definitely some good ideas to use there!

On day 26 we get to enhance our vocabulary with surfacelanguages.com and add some words to our already expanding vocabulary. I think they’re not bad to learn, but still when I sometimes struggle to put together a sentence at times (although I am getting much much better because I have been doing something new, which I might explain next time)  it makes it hard just learning random words. I mean I get a word a day from about.com for italian to my email inbox everyday, and it comes at random all the time, it doesn’t build up or anything, so learning random languages in no particular order I don’t find very useful!

For day 27 we learned some different proverbs and idioms. I actually stumbled across some myself recently. My favourite one at the moment is Volere è potere – where there’s a will there’s a way. That’s really what I feel about my italian journey. No matter how frustrated it gets, and how much I feel that nothing is sticking in my brain, i just have to think volere è potere one day I will get there, one day it will all make sense. One day. I’ve got the will, now the way will come!

And for day 31 it was to re-evaluate our goals.

My big goals for italian were to improve pronunciation and understand italian better. Which they have definitely improved both greatly! I can now read most of what my italian friend’s post as statuses on Facebook, where before I could make understand one or  two words out of ten, now I can understand about 7 or 8 words out of 10, so I can work out nearly the only sentence! And just today I read a message that Matteo had got on his phone, and he understood everything I said, where as previously he’s only understood about 50% of what I’ve said! So they both improved!

My micro goals were to read a children’s book and understand the context. Well i did buy pinocchio, but I found it very hard to understand, I think it was more for a 10 year old, rather than my like 5 year old version of understanding of italian! But It was a small chapter book, rather than a picture book, when I go to italy I think I will be stocking up on children’s picture books! heehee! And my other micro goal was to pronunciate with more ease, and I am definitely feeling more comfortable with my pronunciating. So all in all I really had a good outcome out of this 31 day challenge!

And hey I won a prize! A mango languages journey 1 passport! and i’ve got to say, the outcomes have been amazing! Thank you Cher!

Ciao belli! 

A dopo!

Anna x



mio primo taste of gelato italiano! Flash back to roma in gennaio 2013! Photo credit: Matteo

31 day italian challenge giorno quindici

per giorno quindici of the italian challenge is “How to make your pronunciation as smooth as honey” So our job was to slow down a song track and make the emphasis sounds over words. So i did two of Giorgia’s canzoni! Amo lei musica!
Here is the latest from this great singer!

31 Day Learn Italian Challenge – giorni 1 e 2

Ciao a tutti

Al momento io sono prendendo una sfida 31 giorno! So I figured I might as well blog it while I’m doing it. Cher hale from cherhale.com has created the 31 day challenge, so it is a great opportunity to put some more of my italian into practise, and hopefully have a better understanding after the month. 

Giorno Uno

La oggi sfida è “5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About Learning Italian To Truly Make Progress”

1.) Why do you want to learn Italian?

Honestly, this reason to me changes all the time, Cher was so lovely to ask me to answer this question before the challenge so she could put it on her blog, but I guess I have so many reasons now, previously in high school when I was 13 and even at uni I tried to learn french for about half a year, and gave up, although that has helped me with knowing about false friends and masculine and feminine words. Then while I was in Australia I got quite addicted to watching that tv series Weeds, and decided I wanted to learn spanish, and when I was 18 I bought a little Italian Phrase book and had a little txting italian friend for a while, she could work out what I was saying, but my grammar was all over the place. Then when I was about 20 my friend had just gotten back from Brazil so I then got fascinated with Portuguese, he even translated a song I had written in that language for me to sing. So I have definitely always been very fascinated with the Romance Family of languages. But as I’ve gotten older Italian has been the one that has called me, and the one that I have a real desire deep down in my soul to learn. Maybe it’s because I have ancestral roots in Italy from a little Island of the coast of Sicily called Stromboli, maybe its because my boyfriend is Italian, maybe its because I want to connect with his family more deeply in a way I can’t do with words they don’t understand, maybe it was because when I was in Italy the italians kept mistaking me for one of their own kind and then I opened my mouth and ruined it, maybe it was because going to the Ignite Catholic Conference (www.igniteconference.com.au) last year, and knelt down and prayed after going to reconciliation and asking God where in Europe does he want me to go (I had planned a massive trip around Europe but hadn’t put anything in concrete) and all that came up in my mind was Italy over and over again. So for me I have a very solid faith filled, family filled, love filled desire to fuel my learning of this bella lingua!

2.) What are your concerns about the next 31 days?

I think my concerns are definitely having enough time to be involved, now that I’m back in full time work and only have my evenings free to wind down, I think I will need to turn my italian practise into my wind down time.          I’m also worried that I will forget all the grammar I’ve been learning, and forget that when I translate from English to Italian it ISN’T word for word! That it is very different, or I don’t need as many italian words as I would if it was in English!             And I’m just opening my italian accent won’t sound to mongrel with my normal Kiwi accent. 

3.) What progress do you want to make in the next 31 days?

I want to start recording myself on the webcam, and hoping that a native speaker actually understands me. I want to be able to conjugate my words better. I want to be able to form a decent conversation with mio ragazzo and surprise him by the end of the challenge

4.) What are your big goals for Italian?

Improve pronunciation definitely, be able to understand Italian better, even if I can’t speak it back fluently. To be able to have a somewhat awkward but fluent conversation. To be able to read and imagine the story in my head in Italian

5.) What are your micro goals for Italian?

To be able to read a children’s picture book and understand the context. To be able to pronunciate things better and with more ease. 


Giorno due 

What Method Should You Use To Learn Italian?

To answer that question we must first answer these three questions

1.) What are your current hobbies?

Reading, Watching Movies and Television shows, Listening to Music and going out for dinner.  – I have actually combined these four things to improve my language learning abilities, my italian books of Alice in Wonderland and Le Avventure di Pinocchio just arrived today, I’ve got a few italian movies to watch on the laptop, I’m listening to italian music on itunes and I’m making sure we go to italian restaurants when Matteo and I go out.

2.) How do you learn best?

I think I learn well in many ways, visually, listening, and through doing. If someone gets me to do it for myself, rather than just show me, I am likely to pick it up much better.

3.) When do you learn best?

I think I definitely learn best after being well rested, so probably first thing in the morning after I wake up. Or in the late afternoon early evening. Although when I’m tired like I have been recently working from 8am – 6pm. So it hasn’t been very good for my language learning skills the last couple of days. Hopefully I will get used to the long hours and be able to put my language learning skills back in action. 


Well it is time for this piccola ragazza kiwi di andare a dormire

Sogni D’oro

A presto!

Anna x