Italian Dreams

After staying up well past mezzonotte ieri notte. I had my prima italian dream! That had never occurred to me before, even after spending due mese being immersed in the culture and all things italiano. I think maybe with the staying up so late, and watching half of la tigre e la neve without subtitles, (I love the actor Roberto Benigni, I saw him prima in To Rome with love, he is amazing) the lingua must of been a bit mixed up in my brain. And suddenly I wake up to the realisation that I had just had my first dream in italian, not that I could understand much, with the struggling to always remember what i have learnt (anyone found an easier way?) But i was molto excited at the realisation that my dreams can actually be bilingual. Something that in my 25 anno I had never experienced before. 

I’m just hoping that as I am lentamente building a strong fondazione that it will all make perfetto sense. I just wish it was il più presto possibile!

Ciao per ora!

A presto

Anna x