buon ferragosto! and my first day here!

I arrived at fiumicino l’aeroporto about 30min late as we were late in departing! I walked onto the ramp to the heat hit me! 28 degrees and I’m in jeans and a shirt! that will teach me! ha ha! after arrive at the luggage train I got a bit confused as to where my luggage was going to be as I had to take it to outsize luggage but it eventually arrived at the right place, and Bella Carlotta and zio Sergio were there waiting for me (I felt so bad, they were probably waiting for over an hour) but they said it was fine! and even though my italian was hopeless, I actually managed to communicate with them just fine and understand about 70% of what they were saying to me!

when we arrived at home, I said my ciao‘s and gave baci to everyone, and we went to Zia donatella‘s for dinner! we had a nice dinner of pomodori pasta and some fried courgettes and green beans! it was simple but delicious! and we spent a while around the table chatting! it was lovely! and I was actually able to chat away in italian with them! Google translate did come in handy when I couldn’t think of the right words but most of the time I did pretty well by myself! if I didn’t understand I would just ask them to repeat and then I would get it in the end! then after a while it was getting late so nonna and I went back to her casa and I went to bed in nonno‘s old room. and slept surprisingly well! I think the mattress has changed in the past two years, as it was quite soft and previously it’s been very hard so I was pleasantly surprised!

And I managed to sleep in this morning! I never sleep in! I am an early bird who wakes up before 6am ready to seize the day! but I slept in until 9am! I must of been tired from the travel and excitement! I got up. did my hair, then went to the Cucina for colazione! I had cornflakes for breakfast! it was fine! I think when I get a chance to go to the supermarket I might get something else though!

my view when I got up this morning!

I then went outside to plant my pohutakawa tree seeds or my New Zealand christmas tree! I think I will need to keep an eye on them as it’s so hot, they will need to be water, although I’m not meant to touch them for a week! but I guess I can spray the newspaper that is on top of the seedling trays!

As it is ferragosto or the assumption of Mary, it’s a public holiday here in italia, so everywhere is closed, and everyone here is working, or away at their casa di paese, so it’s just nonna and I left behind! so I have spent the morning looking through some old photos, and watching nonna make lasagna for pranzo! I can’t wait to eat it! it looks delicious! well I hope it’s for lunch! haha

well I did eat the lasagna per pranzo and it was buono!, nonna and I carried the lasagna downstairs to Zii Sergio √® Donatella a casa and we all ate once Donatella arrived home from work! and it was amazing! and ate everything on my plate! and enjoyed a couple of vino‘s with zio to celebrate ferragosto! It was really nice!

now I’m just enjoying a lie down on the bed! It is such a beautiful day here in Roma! We are off to the beach tomorrow! we are leaving about 8am! I can’t wait! will be amazing! and I might get a tan! haha yaaaaaay!

ciao a tutti ūüôā




31 Day Learn Italian Challenge – giorni 1 e 2

Ciao a tutti

Al momento io sono prendendo una sfida 31 giorno! So I figured I might as well blog it while I’m doing it. Cher hale¬†from cherhale.com has created the 31 day challenge, so it is a great opportunity to put some more of my italian into practise, and hopefully have a better understanding after the month.¬†

Giorno Uno

La oggi sfida √® “5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About Learning Italian To Truly Make Progress”

1.) Why do you want to learn Italian?

Honestly, this reason to me changes all the time, Cher was so lovely to ask me to answer this question before the challenge so she could put it on her blog, but I guess I have so many reasons now, previously in high school when I was 13 and even at uni I tried to learn french for about half a year, and gave up, although that has helped me with knowing about false friends and masculine and feminine words. Then while I was in Australia I got quite addicted to watching that tv series Weeds, and decided I wanted to learn spanish, and when I was 18 I bought a little Italian Phrase book and had a little txting italian friend for a while, she could work out what I was saying, but my grammar was all over the place. Then when I was about 20 my friend had just gotten back from Brazil so I then got fascinated with Portuguese, he even translated a song I had written in that language for me to sing. So I have definitely always been very fascinated with the Romance Family of languages. But as I’ve gotten older Italian has been the one that has called me, and the one that I have a real desire deep down in my soul to learn. Maybe it’s because I have ancestral roots in Italy from a little Island of the coast of Sicily called Stromboli, maybe its because my boyfriend is Italian, maybe its because I want to connect with his family more deeply in a way I can’t do with words they don’t understand, maybe it was because when I was in Italy the italians kept mistaking me for one of their own kind and then I opened my mouth and ruined it, maybe it was because going to the Ignite Catholic Conference (www.igniteconference.com.au) last year, and knelt down and prayed after going to reconciliation and asking God where in Europe does he want me to go (I had planned a massive trip around Europe but hadn’t put anything in concrete) and all that came up in my mind was Italy over and over again. So for me I have a very solid faith filled, family filled, love filled desire to fuel my learning of this bella lingua!

2.) What are your concerns about the next 31 days?

I think my concerns are definitely having enough time to be involved, now that I’m back in full time work and only have my evenings free to wind down, I think I will need to turn my italian practise into my wind down time. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†I’m also worried that I will forget all the grammar I’ve been learning, and forget that when I translate from English to Italian it ISN’T word for word! That it is very different, or I don’t need as many italian words as I would if it was in English! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† And I’m just opening my italian accent won’t sound to mongrel with my normal Kiwi accent.¬†

3.) What progress do you want to make in the next 31 days?

I want to start recording myself on the webcam, and hoping that a native speaker actually understands me. I want to be able to conjugate my words better. I want to be able to form a decent conversation with mio ragazzo and surprise him by the end of the challenge

4.) What are your big goals for Italian?

Improve pronunciation definitely, be able to understand Italian better, even if I can’t speak it back fluently. To be able to have a somewhat awkward but fluent conversation. To be able to read and imagine the story in my head in Italian

5.) What are your micro goals for Italian?

To be able to read a children’s picture book and understand the context. To be able to pronunciate things better and with more ease.¬†


Giorno due 

What Method Should You Use To Learn Italian?

To answer that question we must first answer these three questions

1.) What are your current hobbies?

Reading, Watching Movies and Television shows, Listening to Music and going out for dinner. ¬†– I have actually combined these four things to improve my language learning abilities, my italian books of Alice in Wonderland and Le Avventure di Pinocchio just arrived today, I’ve got a few italian movies to watch on the laptop, I’m listening to italian music on itunes and I’m making sure we go to italian restaurants when Matteo and I go out.

2.) How do you learn best?

I think I learn well in many ways, visually, listening, and through doing. If someone gets me to do it for myself, rather than just show me, I am likely to pick it up much better.

3.) When do you learn best?

I think I definitely learn best after being well rested, so probably first thing in the morning after I wake up. Or in the late afternoon early evening. Although when I’m tired like I have been recently working from 8am – 6pm. So it hasn’t been very good for my language learning skills the last couple of days. Hopefully I will get used to the long hours and be able to put my language learning skills back in action.¬†


Well it is time for this piccola ragazza kiwi di andare a dormire

Sogni D’oro

A presto!

Anna x



Ale contro tutti, Volare, nonna rosa e Spaghetti di pomodoro sugo

Ciao a tutti,

When I was in italy, oh how it feels so long ago now, I fell in love with a tv show there, called Ale contro tutti¬†it’s presenter Alessandro Borghese is just¬†fantastico!¬†Even though I could never understand what was being said, the fun joy of it all was that it was a cooking show, where a couple of family members, or a husband and wife, or friends, would come to compete against Alessandro Borghese for the best dish with the ingredients they were given. And they would have a panel of normally una donna, un uomo e un bambino to test the dishes that they had made, which tended to be different as one was made by the family and the other by Alessandro. I just loved his enthusiasm for it all. And it was so enjoyable for me to watch. If only i could find where I could stream some episodes of it! I think watching it now with more of an understanding of la lingua,¬†it would definitely help my language abilities and listening skills. I will add an advert I found for it after this post. It is ever so entertaining for me to watch anyhow!

As I was googling ieri,¬†i put into the search bar “What is some good italian music to listen too?” Ora amo la musica, I myself spent sette anni studia la musica¬†as a classical singer. But i am in love with the current popular music we hear today as well, but as the answers came up on one page I clicked on I saw “Volare”¬†So i decided ok, I will youtube this, and I LOVED IT! I recognised the song, because I have¬†To Rome with love¬†on my computer, and that’s the opening song for the start of the movie. I put it on when Matteo got home, and he started singing along to it with me, i only knew the “Volaaaaare, ooooooh oooh, Cantare…. ooooh oooh ooh Nel blu, dipinto di blu” And that was only because I listened to it cinque volte¬†before Matteo turned up. So now it shall be my goal to learn this song, and be able to sing it fluently. Because Nobody has an accent when they sing… well apart from the irish, but tutti gli altri¬†doesn’t! So that will be cool! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† I also like to look up the top 10 i tunes songs for italy, to see if any good italian songs come out, I really enjoyed L’anima vola by Elisa!

Ieri sera¬†it was “date night” so I had planned a lovely evening at this piccolo ristorante italiano I found online called Nonna Rosa.¬†I had decided that because it was called Nonna Rosa, then we couldn’t go anywhere else, as that is my italian nonna’s name.¬†Turns out, it was all the way in Zone 6 in Uxbridge (If you don’t know the london tube system very well, Zone 1 is the middle of the city, zone 2 is still the city, but just out of it, and zone 3 where I live is just again, about a 20-30min train ride into the middle of the CBD, but zone 6, is pretty much out of london), although it was practically in the middle of no where, it was such a¬†bel¬†piccolo¬†ristorante.¬†Although I couldn’t seem to find an italian who actually worked there, although we found 2 or 3 of the staff could actually speak italian, perch√® every cameriere o cameriera¬†that came to our¬†tavolo,¬†I asked them if they were italian, since Mio ragazzo is, he had a bit of fun picking out all the spelling errors they had made in their menu, mixing up plurals and singulars etc. But the staff were really lovely once they found out they were in the company of a real life italian, they came to our table and had little short talks to us, one¬†cameriere although from somewhere near romania, said that he learnt all his italian from watching tv in his country. It was such a lovely meal, and amazing food and service. With a yummy antipasti starter, and I had a chicken something, it tasted good anyway, and tiramisu and cheesecake for dessert, although Matteo complained to me that the tiramisu wasn’t real italian tiramisu. The head waiter had told us, that although the restaurant had been opened over¬†trenta anni¬†that originally they only served all italian food, but for the business and the fact that english people can’t handle the italian palate, was they had to change their menu to 50% english and 50% italian. But it was definitely a very great night, with a¬†salute¬†to go with our¬†limoncello¬†digestif.



Photo credit: Matteo! – And yes I know i have demon eyes!


Photo credit: Matteo! – Enjoying a nice glass of Nonna Rosa delight Cocktail! heeheee

Oggi era il mio turno di cucinare il pranzo.¬†Ora¬†we pretty much always have¬†pasta al¬†sugo di pomodoro, as I am addicted to it, and today was no different, although instead of the normal rigatoni, ieri¬†I had gone to tesco’s originally to buy Mamma the Betty Crocker mixes to post to italy, but I am hopeless at shopping and not spending money, and I was hungry, so those two combinations would happen to be the worst, and even though I was by myself, I decided to get all heavy things, clever girl i am at times. But as I was saying I found some amazing Italian chopped tomatoes, now I would prefer to cook my pomodoro sugo with normal fresh cherry tomatoes, but alas I live in London, and everything is just very expensive, and I found these Parioli cans of chopped pomodoro!¬†The can had¬†cucina¬†on it or something, and I thought to my self s√¨√¨√¨i√¨i√¨i√¨√¨! Real italian tomatoes! I will definitely be going back there because they were on special, so I want to get them again since the pasta I made oggi, was amazing! I had bought spaghetti pasta instead of my usual rigatoni, (Matteo thought I had made the mistake of buying angelo pasta again which he doesn’t like) but I just got the tesco branded “Made in italy” spaghetti, put the water pot on the element to boil, and had my frying pan with some oil in it, then i added chopped onions and garlic, then the chopped tomatoes once they had been cooked a bit, then added a dash of salt, pepper and piri piri seasoning, and waiting for the¬†sugo¬†to un-liquify. Then added in the Spaghetti to the boiling water, waiting for that to cook, and wah la, anna’s amazing spaghetti al sugo di pomodoro!¬†Then to top it off, I sprinkled some parmigiano on top. Nom nom Nom


Photo credit: Me!

My amazing creation! Mwahahaha

A dopo!

A presto


Anna x