A few things I have noticed after 2 1/2 weeks in Italy

Ciao a tutti,

Mi dispiace that I have been unable to tell you all my news of being in Italia, I’m sure most of you can understand that the internet in this country is sooooooo slow!!!

But I thought I would let you know a few things I have noticed in my time here:


Paper Plates and Paper Cups

Whenever I have pranzo (lunch) or cena (dinner) at home or at another family members house, they always bring out the paper plates and cups to save on washing up. I think it’s a fantastic idea! Definitely a way to save on the problem of an overload of dishes when you’re feeding up to and over 10 people!



Dinner is always late

In New Zealand I am used to having dinner around 6pm, but here they are always have dinner around 8-8:30pm, sometimes even later! So because I’m used to eating earlier, by the time it is dinner time here I’m not very hungry, I have gotten over being hungry. I try to eat as much as I can, but always say poco poco so I’m not stuck with a full stomach before going to bed.



There is always an antipasti of meats, assortments and bread before the pasta! I’m always hungry for pasta, but they bring out the antipasti first, and by the time that is eaten I’m not very hungry anymore! 😦


Crazy drivers

All italians drive crazy fast and don’t put on their seatbelts! I always make sure my seatbelt goes on, if we have an accident I at least know I will survive. Which is why I always have to tell Matteo to put his seatbelt on when we are in the car.  would rather he be safe and uncomfortable than dangerous and fast. We even had a small car related accident while on our way back from the Campania region. We were waiting to turn on the highway to the road that leads to Roma and a car was coming up too fast, and hit the back corner. Luckily everyone was ok. But I mean, they and a child in their car. What were they thinking?!

the damage to pàpà's machine

the damage to pàpà’s machine

The other guys

The other guys



Cats in Italia are all friends. They all seem to hang out together without getting into scraps with each other, it’s kind of nice to see cats hanging out and not fighting! haha


Young Adults

Young adults all meet up around 11pm at random meeting spots (like a random street) and just hang out for about an hour outside their cars before decided to go to a pub or a friend’s house or something of the likes. For me it seems really strange to meet up at bed time! But they all seem to do it. It seems completely normal practice over here!

hanging out with some of matteo's large group of friends - chiappa, giorgia, andrea and me :)

hanging out with some of matteo’s large group of friends – chiappa, giorgia, andrea and me 🙂

Un cafè

Italians go crazy for coffee, that little espresso shot. They have it after every meal, at the bar when we’re in town. I think they would have about 10 every day if they could!!

enjoying my little coffee with 3 sugars!

enjoying my little coffee with 3 sugars!


Well here is just a little insight to what I have seen these past few days. But the internet is really frustrating me with how slow it is being! I will try and write again soon!


Ciao for now!