30 things before I’m 30!

So after reading a few blogs, I have noticed a few blogs have a sort of goal list of things to do in a set time. So I thought I would give it a go! And achieve some goals in the process! With 5 years to do it in, at least HALF of it has got to be possible right?

1. Learn italian fluently!

2. Learn how to make gnocchi  .

3. Make my own limoncello.

4. Go for a holiday all around Italy… from the top of the country to the bottom.

5. Visit pompeii

6. Walk up Mount Vesuvius.

7. Visit Assisi and see where San Francesco lived.

8. Go skiing or snowboarding in the italian mountains

9.  Meet the pope… or at least see him in real life!

10. Go inside a castle in Italy

11. Visit Stromboli and see where my father’s family originated from

12. Run a half marathon

13. Take Matteo to New Zealand to meet my family

14. Experience a second Christmas in Italy as well as Befana

15. See the northern lights

16. Meet Alessandro Borghese (I love his cooking shows!)

17. Grow my own fruit tree

18. Visit Cinque Terre

19. Ride a gondola in Venice

20. Explore the Puglia region

21. Experience the Amalfi Coast

22. Read a book on italian history

23. Go to pisa and get the cheesy photograph of “holding up the tower”

24. Go to Anzio to see the old war memorials

25. Visit Cassino to see the old war memorials

26. Be able to read a book in italian and understand it (that’s for an 8 year old or above)

27. Visit the Greek ruins in sicily

28. View “the last supper” in Milan

29. See an Opera in Italy

30. Get involved and attend an italian festival!

Just casually sitting in the house where Francis was born! Photo Credit: Matteo

Just casually sitting in the house where Francis was born!
Photo Credit: Matteo

2 thoughts on “30 things before I’m 30!

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