Io sono pigro/a (I am lazy)

Ciao a tutti,

I’m not very sure if I would saying lazy being pigra or pigro when referring to myself. so why not use both in the title.

I don’t really have an excuse anymore for 1) not practising il mio italiano  and 2) not actually posting on here.

A lot has changed since I last wrote on the blog. I was taking italian classes, but had to finish those at the end of the Inverno term, as I’ve had immigration problems staying here, well maybe not, but maybe. In other words the home office gave me a letter back called a Certificate of Application which stated that I don’t have a right to work while my application is being processed.  So after that, Matteo and I sat down and had a good chat, and came to the conclusion we will move back to Nuova Zelanda together. And mamma mia is that time coming up fast. I cancelled my in process application, we now have to put through a visa application for Matteo, while still planning a wedding. Unfortunately because I lost my job, we can no longer afford our italian wedding, so instead we are going to have a small (I say small but it is over 100 guests) wedding in Nuova Zelanda when we arrive home. We arrive on the 24th of March and the wedding is the 28th. But at least it will be a nice way to Benvenuto Matteo into la famiglia which my grandmother had 8 children, all married with 3-4 children so most of those guests are la famiglia! And lucky for us, both mio padre e matrigna and mia mamma e patrigna are paying for it. For that we are truly blessed. So we get to have the Cattolica service and can send the video of it to Matteo’s family in Italy with subtitles attached. And maybe in a couple of years when we can afford it, we can always come back to Italy to have a bella renewal of vows, and a nice reception for one of our anniversaries.

So while planning that from londra, as well as living on one minimum wage income, we still have to literally ship all our stuff to Nuova Zelanda. But we do have one silver lining (well going to New Zealand in itself is quite a silver lining because it is a beautiful country, and such an exciting adventure for Matteo) we get to spend just over a month in Italia. We are planning to fly out of here on febbraio 17th. To enjoy our last month on this side of the world with la famglia di italia. So that will definitely be lovely. So I probably should start cracking with the practising of italian again hey!

At least not working allows me to tidy (cough cough, i make a fairly hopeless casalinga but I am trying) and exercise. I want to try to loose at least 5-6kg before we leave this country, as I have a wedding dress back home, and don’t know if it will still fit! ahhhhh! So I have been going for runs (piano piano) and since we have the xbox, it has xbox fitness, and dance central on it, so have been doing that as well to boost up working off a few calories! And the xbox fitness workouts even have italian subtitles (although I don’t really read them while punching at the air) haha


But I should definitely ad doing some of my mango languages course, I never did quite finish it, so I can definitely add it to the routine of the giorno!


Well I promise (I really do this time) that I will write very soon!

A presto!



I will leave you with a couple of bella photos from my l’estate trip which I will tell you more about over the coming days!

Enjoying the sunshine of Pompei!

Enjoying the sunshine of Pompei!

The main street of Petrilcina - Where Padre Pio  was from

The main street of Petrilcina – Where Padre Pio was from


Enjoying the view of Petrilcina

Enjoying the view of Petrilcina